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meet Sara Morell-Vaughn

How did you get started turning your passion into your career?

My passion is definitely my destined purpose. Before my holistic healing journey, I was plagued by an everyday demon of illness, that held me back like an animal caged in misery. By the time I was 17, my family and I were filing for disability for me. I woke up every morning feeling broken, full of pain and swallowed by despair. I spent years of my life plunging into quick fixes, pharmaceuticals and self-sabotaging habits. I was consumed by thoughts of doubt, worry and anger. Insomnia stole my nights resulting in chronic fatigue ruling my days. My story of being a failure was on repeat.

I finally changed my life by removing the toxicity from it.

I started looking into the food that I was consuming, my physical habits and environmental exposures. Gradually, as I made changes, I noticed some drastic differences in my health. As I cleaned up my everyday routine I began to notice daily exposures that were still making me ill, including artificial fragrances. With just a small insight into a holistic lifestyle, I discovered the cesspool of toxicity in our everyday products, and I became absolutely FED UP!

During my research, I found that many products that are labeled “Natural & Organic” are full of cancer-causing pollutants. I became fixated on creating an alternative solution. I searched the world and ancient medicine for Nature’s secret healers. I knew I had to discover a way to repair so many years of toxicity and trauma, and be able to protect my body from ANY further harm. I couldn’t find what my skin needed on the market without sacrificing my values. This was when I started creating Nature of NoMore. One face wash led to a face spray, which led to mouthwash, and then to another product, and then another.

Can you tell us a little bit more about NoMore's philosophy?

NoMore is led by an incredible team and owned by a few individuals who really believe in the NoMore toxicity way. Lindsey Torres, the co-owner, and I are nutritional therapists and holistic health practitioners, so we are very aware of the whole wheel of needs for the body & skin. This is what we teach when we interact with consumers. We strive to provide healing on a deep level AND we don't end there. Daniel OGuin, NoMore's co-owner, is just as deeply rooted in embodying positive environmental practices. So, naturally, we as a company source ethically and use only eco- friendly packaging. It's in NoMore's DNA to heal ourselves, each other and the planet.

Can you share with us some of your favorite ingredients and why use them?

Our signature Bark Blend™ is infused with 5 different tree barks scientifically renowned for their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. We just can't get enough of these barks, and our homemade ingredients like our rose water, frankincense, and myrhh.

Do you have any go-to foods or supplements that you take regularly?

Garlic! Oh my gosh, I just love all the benefits of garlic. Heartburn? Eat raw garlic. Need a probiotic or a prebiotic? Eat Garlic. Cold or low immunity? Eat garlic! No kidding. Scientific studies have shown to help reduce colds by 60% when eating raw garlic regularly. Truly it's the gold of the garden.

Favorite haircare tip:

Hairprint of course! Hands down it’s the best shampoo & conditioner I have ever used. I’m blown away at how well everything works with zero harmful ingredients! The Marine Bio-Active shampoo is my fav. My hair is thick and bouncy after using it. And OMG the Elixer No 3 with rosemary! The smell and feel is amazing. I especially like to use it for a leave-in to create a bit of wave in my hair. Lastly, I don't wash every day. I find that a few days not shampooing helps my hair feel and look thicker. It also allows our natural oils to replenish needed nutrients. Besides, a hat day or two makes for fun wardrobe changes! 

What is your definition of beauty?

Kindness and loving your imperfectly perfect self. I've learned that unapologetically loving myself is the best thing I can do for the planet. When we let our light shine, we truly do make way for others to shine their light with us.

Who epitomizes beauty and grace for you?

Vicki Hannah Lein, my mentor and 3rd mom. She's a blind motivational speaker who never gives up helping the world. Whenever I feel like I'm stuck, I think of her and ask myself what would Vicki do? Vicki always says we are practicing something, so what are you practicing?

And of course my mother and mother in law. The amount of bravery and boldness my mother has is unparalleled to anyone else I've met. My mother in law is incredibly patient and continues to love and serve more than most.

At what moments are you the truest version of yourself?

When I'm with my team. We love and support each other so much that my inner child is in a state of euphoria. There’s also a special safe place in the Vaughn Family den. No one gets to hear me sing louder and dance silier than my family and my team.

What's your favorite self-care ritual?

MEDITATION... This is a must, especially with running a company and having kiddos. Meditation has kept me through the years of breastfeeding momma boss life.

What do you draw inspiration from?

Helping the environment. Clean air and water mean life. I want my children and future to have whales, bees and polar bears. Boy, who doesn't like clean water?

A mantra you live by:

Fake it until you make it. My dad used to say this throughout my childhood. I don't fear anything new or unknown because I know I can learn if I just believe in myself.

If you could change one thing right now in the wellness field, what would that be?

Removing pesticides from food. That stuff is so toxic for us and the planet.

Your beauty and wellness principles are:

Use products that have ingredients you can almost eat. Up to 60% of what we use on our body can be absorbed into our skin. Scary when we think about all the chemicals in our everyday products sold on store shelves.

What are some of your favorite products you use regularly?

The one really big shift was our laundry soap. We use soap nuts. They are seriously just nuts from a tree and they wash everything sooooooo well. Not only do they work well, they are super eco-friendly with a zero footprint both in packaging and use.

What is your favorite product that you've created so far?

Our Fierce Healing Balm for dry irritated skin and our Gentle Warrior Eye Cream. I feel like my skin can sometimes turn into a dry desert from all the overexposure of mom life, and cleaning and swimming in the Austin heat. My hands used to crack and bleed and my face was already getting crows feet until we created these two babies! They keep me feeling so hydrated and on top of my game.

What are some of your favorite beauty rituals or secrets you can share with our readers?

Watching how I talk to myself has become key. Keeping myself feeling alive and young means making sure I am telling my cells they are alive and young. As our Daniel says when asked about his age, he says, "Timeless" Woooiiieee! We are all timeless in our essence and memories. Let's remember that for each other and ourselves.

Where can we find your line of products?