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Hairprint restores gray hair to its natural color. It is formulated specifically for brown and black hair. Please select the product right for you.

Smarter Beauty

  • Healthy

    Contains nine food-grade ingredients that you can pronounce

  • Effective

    Eliminates gray hair by restoring it to your true color

  • Clean

    100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic and odor free

  • Innovative

    Developed by the world’s leading experts in sustainability, green chemistry, and biomimicry

  • Rejuvenating

    Our unique, patented process improves hair structure, conditioning the hair from the inside

  • Giving

    Proceeds from the sale of this product go to help educate young girls who might otherwise not be able to go to school

Before + After

Happiness Matters

Due to chemical sensitivities and Lyme Disease, HH was not able to use traditional hair dyes. The before and after pictures say it all really. Color, shine, and body have all returned. - Women’s Dark Formula

This was an initial treatment for GH, a man in his mid-fifties with strong, healthy, salt and pepper hair. His hair had never been treated or dyed before. When we treat men’s hair, we deliberately leave some gray at the sideburn and fringes. - Men’s Brown Formula

JJ is a woman in her forties whose hair was both going gray but also losing its pigmentation. She had never treated her hair before with any coloring product. Her brown hair became richer and shinier after using Hairprint. - Women’s Brown Formula

In his fifties, JL had a full head of strong, thick, coarse hair that had been gray for over fifteen years. With these conditions, we find that you may need two complete treatments to restore the color when first using Hairprint and then only one kit on subsequent treatments. - Men’s Brown Formula

S. just cut her dreads when this treatment was done and it revealed gray hair underneath. Ninety minutes later, her gray was almost entirely gone save for a few stubborn hairs on the top of her forehead. - Women’s Dark Formula

JH is a 40 year old who has never used hair dye, and is only starting to see some gray. The Hairprint application restored the gray hair to her native color while adding body and sheen. - Women’s Brown Anti-Aging Formula

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