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Restoring Your Hair Natural Color

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When I scheduled my third hair appointment for Hairprint, it became apparent to me that I should tell you about this unique hair product. It differs from all the other hair dyes because instead of coloring the hair, it restores its natural color.

After I read the ingredients of permanent hair dyes (read my reviews of Madison Reed, Organic Color Systems, and my thoughts on so called organic hair dyes ) and even semi-permanent hair dyes, and saw numerous potentially harmful ingredients, I decided that I should avoid them. In the meantime, my hair started showing some grey and as much as I want to avoid toxins, vanity is not a stranger to me.

About a year ago, I tried henna and while it worked well, I wanted to find a product less messy, more predictable, and that hair salons could adopt easily.

I may have found just that. There is a new company based in Sausalito, California, called Hairprint.  Hairprint has been invented by a gentleman named John Warner, Ph.D.  (By the way, Dr. Warner seems to be a pretty impressive guy. If you Google him, you will learn that Dr. Warner is a co-founder and leader in the “green chemistry” movement. It also appears that in 2014, he was awarded the Perkin Medal, widely acknowledged as the highest honor in American chemistry.
Hair print is not a hair dye but it changes hair color. How does it do it?
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