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Welcome to Hairprint.

We are here to serve you, not sell you. There is no hype, gimmicks, exaggeration, or doctored photographs. We will be completely open and truthful with you at all times. We know the hair business is riddled with wild claims. Our goal is to help you restore the health of your hair and your authentic beauty. We hope you find us an island of sanity and honesty.

Hairprint is a small science-based company in Sausalito, California. We worked with Dr. John Warner to create a non-toxic product to restore gray hair to its natural color. Dr. Warner co-founded a scientific discipline called green chemistry, which takes its cues from nature and biology.

When Hairprint began, we wanted to create a company that made a difference on many levels. We believe that the act of enhancing one’s beauty or, in the case of men, one’s good looks, is an ancient human practice. At the same time, we believe in the sanctity of the body and the earth, so we wanted to create and offer products that were truly different. We also wanted to do something for the generations to come. Too many young girls are taught to believe that they are not beautiful, that they are not thin enough, blonde enough, or cute enough. We have a culture where our authentic beauty as women is seen as inadequate, that we need to do, buy, or apply more products and treatments in order to be beautiful. We don’t think beauty can be obtained that way. We came up with two simple mottos for the company. One, if a women wants to play her looks she should be safe. And two, if you want to make a girl beautiful, provide her with an education.

Thank you for coming to our site and hopefully using our products if they are right for you. We want to make the world more beautiful in every way we can.

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