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The Science

How does Hairprint work?
Hairprint creates a process whereby the natural pigment in your hair called eumelanin is recreated in the hair shaft. Eumelanin is arranged in the hair in a pattern unique to each person. We coined a word to name that unique pattern: Hairprint. That pattern determines how we see color. Chemical hair dyes remove the pigments in the hair shaft and replace them with coal tar or aniline dyes. When eumelanin is restored to the shaft of the hair, your innate hair color returns.
What are the ingredients?
The ingredients are water, baking soda, mucuna pruriens, sodium carbonate, carbomer (a thickener), hydrogen peroxide, diatomaceous earth, manganese gluconate, and ferrous gluconate. Baking soda is what we use at home for baking and cleaning. Mucuna pruriens extract is made from velvet beans. Sodium carbonate is made from salt and limestone. Ferrous and manganese gluconate are both vitamin supplements. Hydrogen peroxide is made of oxygen and water and naturally occurs in the hair follicle. Carbomer is an inert thickener used in shampoos and pharmaceuticals. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock. Our patented formula takes these natural ingredients and makes one more natural ingredient, eumelanin, the pigment that colors your hair.
N.B.  The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide we use are, 1%, 1.5% and 3%.  In conventional hair dyes, peroxide is used to break open the hair, and can be up to a 12-15% concentration. We do not use peroxide to open the cuticle of the hair (which is very damaging) but rather to oxidize the mucuna pruriens extract. When applied to your hair, the peroxide is virtually gone.   
Pretreatment Ingredients:      

Our Pretreatment ingredients are all listed as either O's or 1's on EWG's Skin Deep database, the safest ratings. Potassium cocoate is a surfactant used for centuries. Lauryl glucosides are surfactants made from sugars. Diatomaceous earth is a micro abrasive made from diatoms, sea creatures’ skeletons that are millions of years old. Xanthan gum is a thickener made from polysacchirides. Ethylhexylglycerin is used to suspend the diatomaceous earth and is made from vegetable oil. Caprylyl glycol is a skin conditioner and is a mild preservative, made from fatty acids in coconut or other oils. 

Will my hair be one color?
Hairprint is not a dye. The same product can restore gray hair from very light brown all the way to the darkest black. Your hair will determine your color. It will look like your hair color because it is. All hair, even black hair, has variations in color. It is this diverse and subtle array of color that makes hair look natural. Hairprint looks natural because it is. You should not use Hairprint to choose a different color than your natural color. Hair darkens as we age, please check your innate carefully and choose the option that matches most closely your natural shade.
Why are there three choices for Hairprint?
The ingredients in the Dark, Brown, and Light Brown formulas are identical. The difference between the three is Step #3. If you have light brown hair, use Light Brown. If your hair is medium brown as shown in our color chart, use Brown. If your hair is dark brown or black, use Dark. If you have dark brown hair, decide whether you want it to go to the warm side of the color spectrum (Brown) or a deeper and more saturated hue (Dark).
How often should I apply Hairprint?
That depends on your objective. If you are covering gray roots, you will need to do it as often as your hair requires, from 3-5 weeks depending on the rate of hair growth. If you are covering gray that is lightly dispersed throughout the head, more like salt and pepper, you may find that you want to do it every 6-8 weeks. 
How long will Hairprint last on my hair?
Hairprint will last for two to six months depending on your type of hair, how often you shampoo your hair, what you shampoo it with, and exposure to salt water, chlorine and sun. Unlike rinses and semi-permanent dyes, Hairprint goes into the cortex of the hair. With regular and continued use of Hairprint the hair becomes stronger, healthier, more shiny, and more readily accepting of pigment.
Will Hairprint work for me?
There are many factors that determine if Hairprint will work on your hair. Hairprint works most easily on hair that has not been chemically treated. If you have chemically treated your hair in any way, please follow our Transition Tips.
If you have more than 50% gray hair or more than 10 inches of hair, we recommend two kits to start applied. This is applied via Application Method Technique C. If you have white hair, we recommend two kits to start and could always require two kits for each application. This is applied via Application Method Technique C. 

One of the biggest contributing factors to Hairprints success is using hair care products that allow Hairprint® to access the hair. Alternately many of the hair care products you use on a daily basis contain ingredients that coat and block the hair shaft, which prevent Hairprint from gaining access. Hairprint always works…if it can get into the hair. Please see our list of Strong Blockers and how to address this.   

Does Hairprint work for men?
It works exactly the same. However, many men choose to keep some of their sideburn and temple areas untreated.
Does Hairprint work on beards?

Hairprint’s stated purpose is for scalp hair, although many people have applied Hairprint to their beards and are happy with the results.  Please note facial hair applications may not be as effective or as long lasting as a scalp hair application. The reason for this is facial hair is very different in texture and stubbornness and is therefore more resistant than scalp hair. Hairprint may also stain the skin as the it is more porous in these areas. If you decide to use Hairprint on your beard please understand we cannot guarantee results. Should you decide to proceed, we recommend leaving the treatment on for 15-18 minutes per application step.

Health and Safety

Do I need to place some Hairprint on my scalp for 48 hours to test for allergic reaction?
Hairprint is a hair treatment, not a hair dye. Hairprint is hypoallergenic and can be used without doing a patch test.
Is it safe to use Hairprint if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
Many health professionals recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding stop using hair dye because it enters into the bloodstream through the skin. The melanin pigment in Hairprint is already present in millions of your skin cells and due to its relatively large size does not pass into the bloodstream. However, we recommend you consult with your physician by reviewing the ingredients list before using this product. 
Can I use Hairprint if I am a cancer survivor and have been instructed by my physician to no longer use hair dye?
Yes. Hairprint was formulated without toxicity in order to enhance both beauty and human health. Hairprint honors the integrity of the human body by replacing the pigments that are native to your hair and body.
Is it safe to use Hairprint if I have chemical sensitivities?
Yes, we use food-grade ingredients. Hairprint is odorless and does not sting or burn the scalp. You are placing it on the outside of your body a vegetable-based pigment that is made every day inside your body.

Gray Hair

What causes gray hair?
Gray hair is primarily caused by an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle. Normally, hydrogen peroxide is broken down and neutralized by the enzyme catalase. As we age, the enzyme is reduced to lower levels, thereby reducing the pigment that colors the hair (taking the enzyme catalase will not reverse this effect). As we age, pigment production can cease altogether. Diet, stress, hair dyes, genetics and age are all influences that can accelerate graying of hair. Whatever the cause, Hairprint is the perfect treatment.
What should I do if my gray hair is resistant to coloring?

Leave the pretreatment on for five minutes and during the pretreatment process, take some baking soda and rub it into the resistant hairs, either against the scalp or between the thumb and index finger. This will provide more alkalinity (which opens up the cuticle) and helps remove sebum that might be coating the hair.  

What can I expect if my hair is completely gray?
Initial results will vary depending on the type of hair you have and the health of your hair. People with a full head of gray hair or who have had gray hair for many years will need two full kits of Hairprint applied together. This is applied via Application Method Technique C. If after the first application, the final desired color has not been achieved, a second application using two kits may be required to deepen the pigmentation process. On subsequent applications, only one kit should be required. With regular and continued use of Hairprint, your hair becomes stronger, healthier, more shiny, and more readily accepting of pigment.
If a person is in their 70s or 80s, and their hair has been completely gray for many years, you will want to apply Step #1 and then Step #3 to see how easily it takes the color. After a certain age, hair can become very porous and will take up too much color.
Do I apply Hairprint to all of my hair or do I just apply it to the gray?
We recommend applying Hairprint to all your hair the first time unless there are lighter or highlighted areas you want to retain. If you want to leave some gray or highlighted areas, rub a heavy coating of pure shea butter into those areas after you have cleaned the hair with the Pretreatment.

Chemically Processed Hair

Does it work on all hair colors?

Hairprint does not work on blonde, red, chestnut or auburn hair because those hair types contain an additional pigment called pheomelanin. Hairprint replaces eumelanin only. It is the pigment in all black and brown hair. However, we are continuing our development efforts to create products that will work on other shades.

Will it work for me if I currently dye my hair?

Yes, if your hair is dark brown to black, Hairprint can work well. If your hair is light brown or dark brown, let us help you make the transition to avoid the hair going too dark. See the FAQ below "How do I transition from chemically altered hair to healthy hair treated with Hairprint."

Can I use Hairprint if I highlight or bleach my hair?

Yes, you can, as long as you do not place Hairprint on the bleached portion of your hair. If you want to retain your highlights, you will need to apply a heavy coating of pure shea butter on the highlighted hair in order to prevent coloration. If you want to highlight after the Hairprint treatment, that will work but you will have to protect the highlights next time around. 

Can I use Hairprint if I put henna on my hair?

If you are using 100% pure red henna, with no additives, you can safely apply Hairprint. You do not need to follow our transition process. The real issue comes not from henna but from the often undisclosed and/or added ingredients. Many henna products are actually what is known as compound henna. If your henna is any color other than pure red henna, it is a compound henna. These type of products contain lower quality henna often mixed with various additives, additional plants dyes, metallic salts, PPD’s, and synthetic dyes. These are simply henna based, not pure 100% henna. Compound henna interacts with anything placed on the hair, causing it to react unpredictably to any hair treatment. In the case of added plant dyes like; Indigo, Amla, or Cassia it can simply cause hair to go darker than your natural color. In the case of additives that are chemical based it can cause very dry and damaged hair unless it is removed completely. If you are unsure of the current condition of your hair, or have any doubts as to the purity of your henna, please follow our transition process. 

I chemically relax my hair. Will Hairprint work for me?

Relaxers weaken and break the natural structure and bonds of the hair. Thusly, allowing a naturally curly hair matrix to straighten. Depending on strength and chemical composition of the relaxer used, this weakening can cause hair to become prone to dryness, damage, and breakage with every relaxer treatment. We have found that using Hairprint actually restores the bonds of hair. Once inside the hair, Hairprint causes eumelanin proteins to link together . This provide ‘muscle’ to the hair. It will make your hair plumper, shinier, and stronger. Hair health is being restored. Because of the way that hairprint works, we highly recommend that if plan to relax your hair that you do so after a Hairprint treatment and not before. If you have relaxed the hair and wish to use Hairprint, we recommend using our transition method to ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong.  

How do I transition from chemically altered hair to healthy hair treated with Hairprint?

We do not recommend putting Hairprint directly on to bleached, or highlighted hair, or brown hair that is currently being dyed. It will turn the hair too dark. If your natural hair color is darkest brown to black  (1-2), there is no problem and you can apply Hairprint directly to the dyed hair.

If you use 100% pure body art quality henna or indigo you do not need to transition, although you may require two applications to see full results as henna clogs your hair. 

If your product does not disclose or label ingredients you may be using a compound henna. In which case, please use our transition method. 

Many women may want to make a transition from using hair dyes and compound hennas to Hairprint. This is how to do it:

Instead of placing Hairprint on all of your hair, apply Hairprint only to the roots and the new growth. After washing with the Pretreatment, put a heavy coating of pure shea butter on the dyed, bleached or highlighted portions of the hair so that the rinse water does not get into those portions of the hair. Apply Hairprint as instructed, but only on the new and gray roots. If you rinse during the Hairprint application process, towel dry your hair and reapply a heavy coating of shea butter before applying the next step. Every month, continue to extend coverage to the new undamaged hair until you are treating all the hair. Your new growth will be shinier, healthy, and feel very different. There is no replacement for damaged hair except your own natural hair growth.

Why do this? Hair has an innate structure, which arranges the eumelanin pigment in a way that is unique to you. We call that your “hairprint.” That structure determines how pigment refracts the light and thus how we see color. Chemical hair dyes and bleaches are designed to strip hair of its color, which damage the internal structure of the hair. If you have light to brown dyed hair and use Hairprint without making this transition, your hair color will be much too dark.

If your hair is bleached or highlighted with bleach.
Bleached hair soaks up Hairprint, and as with dyed hair, it will go too dark with light or medium brown hair. In some instances, we have seen a slight greenish tinge in highlights. If your hair is highlighted and you want to retain them, you or your stylist can apply a heavy coating of shea butter during the process so that you are only coloring the darker areas. Please read our Transition Tips above for complete details. And, you can always highlight after a Hairprint treatment.

If you use relaxers and straighteners
If you straighten or relax your hair and it is dark brown or black, your hair will look great if you use Hairprint. Additionally, what we have seen with our African American clients is how straightened and relaxed hair gets stronger due to the restoration of eumelanin in the hair. Once inside the hair, the eumelanin protein links together and provides ‘muscle’ to the hair...It is the real deal and not some artificial chemical that messes with the integrity of your hair. It is what your natural healthy hair contains, and it will make your hair plumper, shinier, and stronger. Hair health is being restored. If you straighten or relax your hair, we recommend doing this after Hairprint, not before.

How should I maintain my hair after using Hairprint?
We recommend using gentle shampoos and nourishing conditioners. Please take a close look at the ingredients in your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Many of the products used can prevent Hairprint from fully functioning. We urge you to avoid non-water soluble silicone ingredients, which include: dimethicone, dimethiconol, phenyl trimethicone, amodimethicone, and cyclomethicone. These products may clog the hair follicle and leach nutrients from the hair. Please do not use Castile Soaps on your hair as they build up and leave a fatty acid residue, and avoid sulfates as these can leach the color from your hair.

Maintaining Healthy Hair

How do silicone ingredients affect the hair?
Silicones include the ingredients ending in ‘cone’, ‘xane’ or ‘conol’. Silicone compounds were traditionally used in transmissions, lubricants, sealants, and window caulk, but now they are used on hair. Silicone chemicals including dimethicone, amodimethicone, and others and are widely found in shampoos, hair gels, and conditioners. Some of them can adhere to the hair, clog the cuticle and build up and even damage the hair. Others are soluble and wash out easily. When you see advertisements touting how a product gives the hair more body and shine, it is probably a silicone coating that is doing it. Our pretreatment can remove most of these, but we prefer you not use them in advance of a Hairprint treatment since they vary widely in their effect.
What does henna do to the hair?
Pure henna, although natural, can clog the hair and hair follicle. Natural henna is akin to a mud that adheres to the cuticle of the hair.  Because henna can saturate in to the hair it can often mask underlying issues such as damage and dryness. Once the henna comes off the hair the real issues emerge. If your hair is prone to any dryness or damage, or you are unsure of the current condition of the hair you may wish to transition. 100% pure body art quality henna henna can be used with Hairprint and you do not need to transition. Although, you may initially need two boxes  to completely remove any remaining red from the henna. 
If your henna does not lable or disclose ingredients, than it may be a compound henna in which case you will need to transition.
Are oil treatments good for me?
Coconut and other oils are wonderful treatments for the hair, but they may block Hairprint. Constant use may permeate the hair so when using Hairprint it is best to stop a couple days before treatment. Please avoid coconut based Castille soaps on your hair. They may adhere to and clog the hair cuticle.  
What if I use a hair gloss or a hair glaze?
Glosses and glazes. These terms are used interchangeably today. Depending on the ingredients, they can either go into the cuticle of the hair or adhere to the outside of the hair. Glazes can be tinted to add color. Many of these products are not so different than products used to make car seats and dashboards shiny; they contain the polysiloxane family of silicone products. If your hair is glossed or glazed, it may prevent Hairprint from working as they are not designed to be removed by a clarifying shampoo. Please discontinue use for several days before applying Hairprint.
Are pomades safe to use with Hairprint?
Pomades vary widely as to ingredients. They can be natural, but many are comprised of paraffin and mineral oils, both of which will saturate the hair and make it somewhat impervious. Even natural ones used continuously will coat the hair and make the hair resistant to pigmentation.
Some hairsprays are basically liquid plastic in an aerosol can. They can contain vinyl acetates and other plastics so be sure to stop using sprays well before your treatment.
Why should I be concerned about hair dyes?
There is growing demand for natural hair dyes and companies are taking advantage of this shift in people’s awareness. If you want to use a hair dye, please do, but just know that we have yet to see a permanent hair dye that does not use PPD, PTD or its analogs. Commercial hair dyes comprise over 1,000 different chemicals. For more information, visit SkinDeep, a cosmetic database created by the Environmental Working Group, to better understand the chemicals found in hair products.
Can I use keratin treatments if I use Hairprint?
Keratin treatments and their related shampoos and conditioners coat the hair. All of these products contain the silicone family of chemicals. Please refrain from using these products. If you have keratin on your hair now, it will block Hairprint from accessing your hair. 

Hairprint Helpful Hints

Will Hairprint discolor my skin, clothing and towels?
Yes, the product can stain hands, clothing, towels, and absorbent surfaces. Wear and use dark clothing and towels during the application process. If Hairprint gets on your skin, wipe it off with a wet towel or use a cleanser to remove it. If coloration happens on your hands during application, it wears off quickly. We recommend wearing gloves at all times when using this product. If your forehead or scalp is dry, it may temporarily stain but will fade with subsequent shampooing. To prevent staining put a thin coat of olive oil or skin cream on your forehead and temples. 
What if I leave it on shorter or longer than 12- 15 min?
Leaving the treatment on for less than 12-15 minutes will not produce optimal results. Leaving it on longer will have no appreciable effect unless you are a man using on your beard, in which case we recommend 15-18 minutes. 
What if I have hard water at my house?
Hard water combined with Hairprint can leave the hair dry. Hard water is defined as water that contains calcium and other mineral salts in excess of 180 ppm. At that level, you should be ok. However when it gets significantly higher, it can cause drying of the hair.
Should I dry my hair with a blow dryer during the product application?
No, please do not use a hair dryer until the entire treatment is finished and you have conditioned your hair. Carefully follow instructions and do not apply heat. The product should be applied at room temperature.
If I’m using two kits because I have long hair, how should I apply Hairprint?
If you have a lot of hair, you will need two kits to fully cover all of the hair.  IMPORTANT: This is a different process than using two kits to achieve better coverage when you have at least 50% grey hair (as documented on the instructions inside the box).  
Start by using both pretreatment packets together to cleanse the hair.  Mix one each of packet 1/bottle 1, apply the product, then mix the second packet 1/bottle 1 and apply the product to the rest of the hair.  Bear in mind that with each individual mix, you have 5-6 minutes to apply it.  Start a 15 minute timer once the second packet/bottle 1 has been applied.  Repeat that same process with packet 2/bottle 2 and then packet 3/bottle 3.  Always start with the areas you want covered the most such as the hairline and persistent gray areas, then go to the longer hair.  Use a gentle shampoo and then condition the hair after the treatment is complete.
I left the mixture sitting for more than ten minutes before using. Can I save it to use later?
No, the product is designed to be applied within the first 5-6 minutes and loses some of its effectiveness after this time.
Can I save some of the product to mix at a later date?

Yes. This is especially important for men or women with short hair, or for touching up your roots.  Keep in mind that this isn't advisable for hair or roots longer than 1-inch in length, and if this is your first application of Hairprint and/or have more than 30% grey hair, we recommend using the full kit for best results. Hairprint cannot be measured by volume or ounces. We recommend a gram scale that measures 1/10th of a gram.  We also recommend using the full pretreatment packet when dividing the kit.  We have additional packets for sale in our online store. 

Important note: The contents of packet/bottle #1 and #2 are the same.  When you divide a kit, divide packet and bottle #1 in half and use it twice.  Leave packet and bottle #2 unopened for the next time you need to apply the product. Here are the proportions to divide the kit in half:

On all of the liquids - pour out 56.5 grams.

On packets #1 or #2 - measure out and use 17.4 grams.

On 'Brown' packet #3 - measure out and use 5.2 grams.

On 'Dark' packet #3 - measure out and use 5.4 grams.

After opening the #3 packet, be sure to seal the unused portion tightly by rolling up the sachet, putting a rubber band around it, and sealing it in an airtight ziplock bag.  Store the product in a cool (55-70F) dry place.  The powder may discolor slightly during storage, but it has no impact on the efficacy of the product.

Can I use it on my bikini area or on other parts of my body?
Our customers have used the product on different parts of their bodies. The texture, strength and porosity of hair vary in different regions of the body. We do not recommend using it around the eyes.  We do not guarantee results when Hairprint is used for these applications.


My hair is still gray after Step 1
This is normal because Hairprint is a three-step process. The hair will not absorb all of the pigment until the final step. Continue onto Step 2. Make sure to work the product into the gray roots and focus areas. Click here to review the directions.
My hair is still gray after Step 2
This is normal because Hairprint is a three-step process. The hair may not become fully pigmented until the final step. Continue onto Step 3. Continue onto Step 3 and review the directions.
It didn’t fully color all my hair.
Hairprint always works…if it can get into the hair. There are many things that prevent entry. They are:
  1. Some of the smaller hairs at the temple and sideburn area are very non-porous and resistant.
  2. There is a plethora of ingredients used in hair products today that coat, adhere, and clog the cortex of the hair. These products provide the illusion of sheen, luster and body, but they are just chemicals, not your hair. They include the silicone family of chemicals, keratin treatments, certain semi-permanent dyes, glosses, glazes, pomades, and oil infusions.
  3. Paraffins, mineral oils, silicones and other coatings can be found in shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, hair sprays, and a host of other products. Check the labels of what you have and what you buy.
If Hairprint didn’t color your hair, get in touch with us. We will try to figure it out with you.
My hair is darker than expected.
Brown hair will go slightly darker for a couple of days and then lighten up again. A second reason for it appearing darker is because our perception of our hair color is usually different than our innate color. The hair we are accustomed to seeing in the mirror is continually exposed to chlorine, shampoo, sunlight, and the environment. Sometimes our true hair color is darker than what we have been seeing.
I mixed the wrong bottle with the wrong packet
If you mixed the wrong packets and bottles with numbers 1 or 2, there is no problem. If you mixed 1 with 3 or 2 with 3, then please discontinue the treatment and contact customer service.

Ordering and Shipping

When can I expect to receive my order?
After an order is placed, it can take 24-48 hours (depending on demand) for it to be processed for shipping, but we try to ship everything as quickly as possible.  With USPS Priority Mail, you will receive your order in 1-3 business days after it ships.*  For free shipping, you will receive your order in 5-10 business days after it ships.* There are other shipping options available if you need your order urgently. We process orders in the order they are received, Monday-Friday.  Orders placed after 12pm PST will generally be processed for shipping the next business day.  We do not ship any orders on the weekends or holidays.

*These are shipping estimates and aren’t guaranteed.
How can I track my shipment?
After your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail notification from us with the tracking information.  USPS, FedEx, and DHL allow you to sign up for notifications on their website to get the most current information regarding your order.

If you create an account on, you will be able to log in and see all of your orders and their current status.
Can I change my order after it has been placed?
It is possible to make changes to an order, but there is not a guarantee that this will happen.  If you need to make a change to your order, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Important note: if your subscription has automatically placed an order, cancelling your subscription does not cancel the order.

Why is my zip code is coming up as invalid when I try to place an order?

Your zip code must match the billing zip code of your payment method during checkout.  This is for yours security.  Your billing address is at the bottom of the checkout page.  You may need to contact your bank if you continue to experience problems, or you can try using PayPal/Google Wallet as an alternative payment method.
Does Hairprint guarantee the shipping speed on my order?
Shipping estimates are provided solely by the shipping company and are not guaranteed by us.  For example, DHL’s shipping estimate on our checkout page may often be 1 or 2 days, but that doesn’t take into account things such as customs, flight delays, weather, etc.  USPS Express Priority Mail, though advertised as 1 day or overnight, often takes 2 days to many locations.  If you need product on a specific date, please contact us in advance so we can help you figure out the best way for you to receive your product on time.  We do not offer Saturday delivery options at this time.
Does Hairprint insure my shipment?
Hairprint will automatically cover up to $99 USD of your order (excluding the cost of shipping).  If you would like to purchase shipping insurance for your order, which is highly recommended for orders over $99 USD, please contact us before placing your order.  You can choose between carrier insurance or a third party insurance company called Shipsurance.  Please see our refund policy for more information.
I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation e-mail.  How can I check the status of my order?
The best way to check on your order status is to log-in to your account on, but we also send shipping notifications at 4PM PST.  If you cannot find your tracking number or are concerned about the whereabouts of your order, please contact us for assistance.
I didn’t receive my order.  What should I do?
The best thing to do is check your tracking number first.  If you don’t have one or cannot find one, please contact us.  Please note that tracking numbers sometimes report incorrect or incomplete data, but this isn’t necessarily an indication that your order is lost.

In some cases your tracking number may indicate that your order was delivered and you might not have received anything.  The best thing to do is contact the shipping company (especially your local delivery center) regarding your tracking number and to check with your neighbors to see if it was mis-delivered.  

If you are unable to locate your parcel or if it seems likely to have been lost, please contact us.  
I got free shipping on my order.  Why is it taking so long?
Our free shipping is generally provided by FedEx SmartPost, which utilizes both FedEx and USPS for delivery.  As we are located in Sausalito California, deliveries to the southern/eastern side of the U.S. can take up to 10 business days, and in some rare circumstances a couple of days longer.  To help our customers get our product faster, we offer subsidized USPS Priority Mail shipping, which will reduce the shipping time to 2-3 business days.
I paid for shipping insurance and my order was lost/damaged.  What happens next?
We will file a claim on your behalf and ship you an insured replacement order after we finish our investigation/assessment of the situation.  If your order was damaged, please contact us and submit photos of the damage so we can file a claim.  If you used our third party insurance company Shipsurance, we will assist with the claim, but you may need to be directly involved with the process.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship to virtually all countries internationally except Spain, Portugal, and Argentina (due to strict import restrictions).  For a select few countries, we offer USPS First Class International, but most countries will only have the option of DHL and/or FedEx.  

To calculate the shipping cost of your order, go through the checkout process on our website.  Before you pay or enter in your credit card, our store will automatically calculate the cost of shipping for the options available to your country based on your order.  

Once your order leaves the United States, we are no longer in control of your package, and the consignee (customer) is fully responsible for the parcel, not limited to but including any import taxes/duty fees and arranging/scheduling delivery or retrieving the parcel.  Please note that VAT (value added tax) or additional charges associated with retrieving/receiving your parcel, if applicable, are not reflected in the shipping cost or the total cost of your order when you check out from our online store.  We do not provide estimates as to what these additional costs may be.

*USPS hands off to a local carrier in your country for final delivery.  These carriers are not always disclosed and may change without notice. 
What fees can I expect to receive when ordering internationally?
This varies country to country.  The best way to determine this is to research your countries import laws.  If you order via USPS International, the carrier USPS hands off the parcel to for final delivery may also require a delivery fee before attempting delivery.  We do not provide estimates as to what these charges may be, but list the value of our products at wholesale cost to help reduce any VAT (value added tax) that may be applied to your order.
Why is the international shipping so expensive?
We are a small yet thriving business, but we don’t qualify for large shipping discounts.  The weight and size of our product also has notable impact on shipping cost.  We do subsidize shipping options for every country to help alleviate the financial burden.  We will be working on getting distribution into many countries in 2016/2017 to make the product more accessible and less expensive for our international customers.
How long does USPS First Class Mail International take for delivery?
USPS First Class Mail International can take 7-21 business days, depending on the country.  Most people find that they receive their order within two weeks, but it isn’t uncommon for it to take longer.  We strongly recommend using DHL Express or FedEx International if you need the product sooner. 
When I go to check out, I only see the U.S. and Canada as the country options.  Why can’t I choose my country?
We only offer subscriptions of our products to the U.S. and Canada, so you may have accidentally added a subscription item to your cart.  Once the subscription item(s) have been removed from your cart, you will be able to see all the countries we ship to.

Subscription FAQ

What is auto-ship and how do I sign up?
Auto-ship allows you to automatically order Hairprint as you need it without having to think about it.  There's no commitment, you can change your order quantity/frequency at any time, and you get 10% off the cost of the products you sign up for.  You will receive a message from ReCharge, our subscription software, reminding you of an upcoming order 72 hours before it is placed in our system.  To sign up for a subscription select the “go steady” option on the product page.  This service is only available to the U.S. and Canada.
How do I view/manage my subscription?  Can I make changes to it on
Our subscription service is provided by a company called ReCharge.  If you sign up for an account on our website, you can manage your subscription directly from there.  Please see this article for more information:

If you elect not to sign up for an account on our website, you will receive a link in each automated e-mail from ReCharge to manage your recurring orders.  We recommend bookmarking it for future reference.  The link will look something like this:

Please see these FAQ articles below provided by ReCharge for more information on making changes to your subscription.
How to add/change a product:
How to skip a delivery:
How to update your address:
How to update your billing information:
How to cancel your subscription:

IMPORTANT: Cancelling a subscription does not cancel an order that has already been placed by your subscription.  If you need to cancel an order, please reply to the order confirmation e-mail or contact our help desk immediately so we can attempt to prevent the order from being shipped.  Once the order has been shipped, it's subject to our refund policy.
I cancelled my subscription and want to reactivate it.  What should I do?
If you’ve cancelled your subscription, you can create a new one by ordering at and choosing the option to “go steady”.
Will you offer subscriptions to other countries besides the U.S. and Canada?
At this time, our main focus is to get our business set up to distribute to many countries and regions so that we can remove the heavy expense of freight and VAT (value added tax).  We expect that we will have many more options to purchase available for our international customers in 2016/2017.

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