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Marine Phytoplankton

Photo credit: Amy Neunsinger

Before coffee… This!

Hairprint’s Co-Founder Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken morning pick-me-up for beauty and brains:

Marine Phytoplankton Pick-Me-Up

1 cup fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

3 heaping teaspoons marine phytoplankton

1 teaspoon royal jelly

2 drops of CBD oil tincture

1/2 teaspoon pearl powder

1/2 teaspoon tocotrenols (vitamin E!)

Stir and drink fresh.

Why these specific ingredients?

Marine Phytoplankton

Adding Marine Phytoplankton to your diet can support healthy hair growth, balance thyroid function, and increase your energy levels pretty quickly.

Our oceans are virtual energy machines just waiting for us to harvest their gifts. Once you experience first hand the incredible energy that can be harvested from the ocean, it becomes clear why the ocean is also known as "The Great Meadow." Billions of microscopic living cells float near the surface of the water, processing sunlight and creating molecules of stored energy. These "energy cells" are called blue-green algae. They are also referred to as cyano-bacteria or plankton.

Marine Phytoplankton is literally the superfood par excellence because the energy stored in micro-algae is 100% bio-available, meaning it requires little to no digestion to assimilate the nutrients contained. You can think of Marine Phytoplankton as an instant “better than coffee” pick-me-up, one that fortifies the entire organism and supports health and regeneration.

Nearly all creatures that live in the ocean depend, either directly or indirectly, on phytoplankton as their source of food. Some large species like whales live up to 200 years and consume these incredible micro-algaes almost exclusively. According to NASA, Phytoplankton produce between 50% and 90% of the oxygen in the air. Imagine the health and oxygenating benefits your body receives by directly ingesting this powerful marine ingredient.

Another reason why you can consider Marine Phytoplankton your new best friend is that it absorbs most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This helps to maintain a balanced eco-system, which is essential for all life and a healthy planet. Currently there are more than 40,000 specie strains of Phytoplankton that scientists have classified in our oceans. In fact, one quarter of all vegetation on earth comes from the sea in the form of marine phytoplankton. Yet, so few of us actually take advantage of this ultimate superfood and elixir of life.

Micro-algae contain so much chlorophyll and nutrient-density that it is one of those ingredients we can all benefit from including in our diet. The easiest way to take it is as a pre-mixed liquid extract or powder, which you can add to a juice.

Key Benefits of Phytoplankton

- It supports to naturally detox your body from accumulated chemicals in the environment: this food helps to purge toxins from our systems by adding oxygen and chlorophyll to your system. It is especially effective after a trip when experiencing jet-lag or for hangovers.

- It energizes you: by flooding the body with oxygen

- Protects the eyes: being on the screen all day I am always on the look-out for foods that contain high doses of beta-carotene, phytoplankton being the ultimate source.

- Helps to balance blood sugar: the chromium content in Phytoplankton regulates blood sugar and balances insulin production.

- Supports weight-loss: supports weight-loss in some many ways some of these are by helping the body expel toxins, metabolizing food more efficiently, and by supporting the thyroid.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the substance fed to the queen bee to stimulate her growth and development. Besides marine phytoplankton this ingredient might is again one of the most potent substances on earth.

Royal jelly is incredibly rich in protein, vitamins and biotin which helps hair grow thick and strong.

Royal jelly also contains bifido-bacteria, which is the friendly bacteria that supports the health of the GI tract, and for that reason I use it as my natural probiotic.

Key Benefits:

- For collagen building: a study conducted in Korea demonstrated that Rojal Jelly has anti-aging effects by regulating the skin’s photo-aging following exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation. This is why we see royal jelly being used by some of the most well-known luxury beauty brands.

- Provides an important source of protein and minerals: unfortunately even organic food nowadays doesn’t necessarily equate to mineral-rich content food. This is why getting a daily dose of minerals from this source can give you the building blocks to have everything else to take and eat work better.

- Gives you brain power: this ingredient can make you smarter because of its ability to improve cognitive functions.

Furthermore, royal jelly has a long history in human medicine because of its health-protecting properties and it is a main staple food of the longest living peoples in the world.

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