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For the hair we wish we had.

Female hair loss and thinning can happen to women at any age but it can get more pronounced as we get older. Hair follicles slow down and even shut down because of declining hormonal and cellular function.

Fortunately there are many natural non-invasive ways we can maintain our mane and even reverse some of the factors contributing to thinning hair and/or hair loss.

When it comes to thinning and hair loss the hormone estrogen is one to play a role, as we age estrogen levels decline and the male hormone DHT becomes more dominant.

This is why I look for foods and herbs that not only stimulate the follicle but can also support the balance of hormones naturally.


1. Caffeine*

Caffeine has some anti DHT properties as well as possessing cell-stimulating activity when applied directly to the area you wish to invigorate. Caffeine can in fact awaken dormant hair follicles on the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

You can apply caffeine (left over coffee anyone?) directly to the scalp; leave it on for at least two minutes and rinse.

Side note: Although I keep trying and testing, unfortunately drinking coffee will not have the same follicle enhancing effects.

*Warning: please note if you have light-colored hair such as platinum blonde, light red or light brunette, you will need to exercise caution when applying this product as it might darken your hair.

2. Fennel and Aniseed

These two herbs do wonders to naturally balance estrogen levels and stimulate scalp follicles. Hair follicles possess estrogen receptors, and fennel oil can have natural anti-aging effects when applied topically.

Be sure to dilute the oil in a base oil like coconut oil before applying. Massage 2-3 drops of each into the scalp and wash out the next morning.

3. Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils

Even though this method takes a bit of consistency is it pretty fail proof and you could even see results within the two weeks.

Additionally beyond hair growth, these two oils can revive and brighten your color and increase shine:

The rosemary oil will invigorate the follicle and stimulates new hair to grow. Manually massage into the scalp for 3-5 minutes everyday for three months. You can use it straight or add some drops to a carrier oil like coconut oil.

The eucalyptus will increase the ceramides in your hair, which provide greater moisture and shine. You will notice how bouncy and full your hair will feel after regular use.

4. Onions

The sulfur content in onions is a veritable youth serum for hair. It helps the strands become veritably strong and shiny again.

Here the ‘quercetin’ compound found in onions has been shown to increase estrogenic activity as well.

Quercetin is also responsible for increasing the melanin in the hair. Your hairs’ natural color is caused by a complex interplay of the two melanins found in humans: ‘eumelanin’, in predominantly dark and brown hair, and ‘pheomelanin’ in hair that is more yellow or red. Gray hair has very little to no melanin left at all.

Mix the juice from 2 onions in 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and leave on hair for 30 minutes. Rinse and wash as usual.

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