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Beautiful Ally Walsh is a model, globetrotter and one part of the duo behind the iconic Canyon Coffee. For anyone in LA we’ve seen this coffee brand grow before our eyes, gaining massive buzz in just one short year. Canyon Coffee is delicious and the go-to brew among LA’s most discerning coffee drinkers. You can order your beans on the site at

Ally has always taken good care of her body and mind. We met when we first moved to LA, at –what was then- the raw food restaurant in the city. She epitomizes good taste, grace, and an ease that is best expressed by her California lifestyle. She is a brand and woman to watch!

Beauty and skin routine look like:

I keep it pretty simple and natural. I wash my face with just water, then I switch between different oils as moisturizer. I just started to use True Botanicals. Linné makes a really nice serum which I usually start with, followed by a couple sprays of Bodha.

Favorite morning ritual:

Making my morning cup of coffee. It's a ritual that I love and look forward to when I wake up. I usually start by boiling the water and then meditating while it boils. After that I will scoop the coffee into the grinder. While it grinds I set up the v60 pour over set that I like. Once the water is done, I pour the water over the coffee filter to get it hot. Then I add the coffee, and pour just enough water to wet the grounds and then stop to let it to bloom. I wait about 30 seconds, and then keep pouring till it's just enough water.

Favorite bedtime ritual:

Making my “Calm” magnesium drink!

Very favorite beauty product:

Osea oil stick and Earth to face carrot oil.

Favorite hair care tip:

Coconut oil. Leaving it in overnight and then washing it out in the morning!

What inspires you most in life at the moment:

Traveling! Just got back from Copenhagen and Stockholm - everything from the food, design, people and museums. I fell in love with both cities. Also reading, I love magazines like Cherrybomb and Romance Journal.



How did you get started creating your passion into this career?

It really all came together so synchronistically. Casey and I both got more and more into coffee together, and at some point our own separate paths, experiences and assets reached a point where it really felt like the natural next step to take! At some point in March, 2016, we sat down together and mapped out what we wanted our lives to become. We wanted to travel more and have reasons to meet and interact with people we admire. When it became apparent that the coffee company could help us fulfill that vision, the choice became simple and we just committed to making it happen!

What woman epitomizes beauty and grace for you? And Why?

Georgia Okeefe. I loved the way she lived. Her art and how fearless she was. I love the home she created and her style. She was such a strong women and brought so much beauty through her creations.

& My Mom, who is the most loving and genuine person I know.

Favorite places in LA?

Gjusta, Destroyer, Honey Hi and Amara Kitchen.

Favorite places in Japan?

Shozo Coffee in Tokyo. Truck Furniture in Osaka.

Where might we find you in NYC?

MOMA! Central park, & De Maria for either a coffee or dinner!

Next on your bucket list for travel?

Paris to make a coffee guide and Oaxaca! Down the line is Latin America, to meet and visit the coffee farmers we work with, and back to Japan!



What do you draw inspiration from?

Travel, art, books, friends.

What is most inspiring you at the moment in the beauty and wellness movement?

The commitment to sourcing ethical, quality, organic ingredients and creating products that do no damage to the environment or your body.

What’s are you currently reading?

Sex and Rage, Marlena & Romance Journal.

Favorite Canyon Coffee bean?

Oooooh I love them all but I think my heart is still with our first bean: Chochajau, from Guatemala :)

What’s next for Canyon Coffee?

We’ve put in a lot of work and come a long way to make our business operation smooth, and have hit some milestones. I think next is to do some more traveling to keep finding inspiration, meeting new people, and creating more Canyon Coffee city guides. We also are working on a e-commerce store where we will sell coffee equipment and beautiful ceramics among other things!


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