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Kristin Dahl is a Los Angeles based, Author, Nutritionist, and Women’s Wellness educator who offers a fresh take on Holistic living in a modern world. Her teachings come from an extensive background in holistic health, herbal medicine, and functional nutrition. Kristin is the founder of The Women’s Wellness Collective & the holistic lifestyle hub, Dahl House Nutrition. Her book, The Art of Wellness, co-written with Olympic Gold Medalist Stephanie Rice, has gained global attention for its integrative guidance on health and wellness. Kristin’s creative and inspiring approach merges the practical and spiritual, educating and empowering individuals to take preventative steps and make lasting change. 

How did you get started creating your passion into your career?

Over 10 years ago I saw a naturopath for the first time and, following her recommendations, I experienced true vitality for the first time. Nurturing myself in this way completely transformed and elevated my life. I had been a vegetarian since just before middle school and was always passionate about exercise, but I didn’t yet know how to care for myself properly. Extreme hormonal imbalances created imbalance on a physical and emotional level. Those imbalances were corrected as I shifted into a life centered on wellness practices.

The last ten years of my life have been dedicated to expanding my knowledge and immersing myself in a holistic lifestyle. I’ve traveled all over the world studying holistic health modalities. What I’ve learned has forever changed the way that I live and has become the gift that I offer to enhance the lives of others.

I created my nutrition practice after studying holistic nutrition at IHN in Toronto. I spent several years building my practice in New York City while simultaneously juggling a multitude of other work. Five years ago, I moved to LA and began working as a private chef while concurrently growing my nutrition practice, creating many different wellness programs and a book, through my business Dahl House Nutrition.

What cool things are you working on?

My latest project, The Women’s Wellness Collective, is a member-based community for healing & support through the life-stages. The collective is a culmination of my decade-long studies in holistic health, herbal medicine, and functional nutrition + insights and first-hand experience from years of working in the wellness field.

The public site is a space for inspiring and meaningful content + heartfelt interviews. The private, members-only section of the website provides comprehensive healing guides & protocols for the life-stages of a woman: ranging from teen to elder, touching on the many milestones, challenges, and transformations of a woman. Topics range from hormonal acne to painful periods, plus hormone imbalance & health opportunities like PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and osteoporosis. We also offer one-on-one consulting for those in need of individualized support.

This platform serves as a healing tool for those in need, a space for insight & education, and an alternative approach to direct & preventative care. My mission is to support women through the intimate, challenging, and profound passages of life. To educate, empower, and motivate them to thrive & deeply connect to their highest potential.

What is your definition of beauty?

Our hearts in their purest form, an integration of light & dark + the confidence to share our gifts.

What makes you, you?

A rare mix of east & west coast, a fiery Leo soul with the tender heart of a Taurus, a wounded child shaped into a courageous adult longing for depth, grace & meaning.

Who epitomizes beauty and grace for you?

Women supporting women.

If you could change one thing right now in the wellness field, what would that be?

The misconception that being healthy is hard work. Preventative measures will actually make life easier as simple changes dramatically improve energy and mood. It becomes much harder when your body is already breaking down or giving up on you, and you have to fight tooth and nail to reclaim it.

Caring for ourselves a little more each day, we begin to see a world of difference. A bit more thought & attention goes a long way. What we do daily not only affects our current state, but offers preventative care for our long-term health. This could simply mean: drinking more water, taking daily walks, making meals at home (or finding the healthiest delivery options available), unplugging from technology, taking deep breaths, and getting into nature as often as possible.

What are some of the healthy habits you have adopted in your life?

Regular movement (I love hiking!)
Drinking plenty of water
Rarely drinking alcohol & when I do - choosing high-vibe, organic, low/no sulfate wines
Daily consumption of herbs - mostly in the form of infusions
Being honest with myself about what aspects of my life and self need growth, attention & development

Your beauty and wellness principles are:

Whenever possible: Simplify! I’ve found that a less is more approach to beauty and well-being always feels good. Consolidating my wellness routine by integrating regular rituals: eating balanced meals at regular meal times, drinking PLENTY of water each day, taking long walks in the sun, time in nature & ample time unplugged from technology. Pairing down the beauty routine by wearing less/no makeup & saving the glam for dates, important meetings, and special occasions.

What are some of your favorite products you use regularly?

Nucifera - The balm
Rose Water
Earth tonics - Cardamom Creme Cleanser
True botanicals - cellular repair serum & radiance oil
Isun- soothing relief balm 

A favorite recipe:

Lately, it’s been Nettle infusions! Simply: add 2-4 tbsp of dried nettles to a quart jar, cover with cold water & a lid, let it sit overnight & drink throughout the day. Nettles are full of chlorophyll and rich in minerals.

A mantra you live by:

All we have is this moment

What is something you are deliberate about?

Acts of service, self-care, unplugging, deepening my relationship to myself/life/others

At what moments are you the truest version of yourself?

Whenever I’m in nature, after sex, while engaging in meaningful conversation with another, around children and while supporting others.

What do you draw inspiration from?


Are there any wellness trends that you have avoided in the past years, and if so why?

Honestly, I avoid all trends & movements (publically) and just go with my gut, intuition & instincts as to what feels right and try not to get swept up in a stream of energy.


Favorite morning ritual:

I always start with lots of water & tea
Winter: A warm magnesium & lavender bath
Fall/Spring/Summer: A morning walk in the sun.

Favorite bedtime ritual:

Hot tea, a bath, reading, getting cozy with my love.

Favorite hair care tip:

I’ve been following lunar hair charts, the astrological and Mayan wisdom for lengthening & strengthening hair (I swear it’s working!) I’m trying to grow, so I only take off a tiny bit every couple of months on the full moon. Plus - Just started using hairprint products and my hair already feels 10x healthier!!

Where can our readers learn more about you and join the community:
The Womens Wellness Collective Instagram
Dahl House Nutrition Instagram

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