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Sima Morrison is the founder of, a lifestyle journal for those who strive to live a life filled with conscious living. Sima has a background in holistic nutrition, and concocts many elixir recipes to raise the vibration and wellness in those around her.

She resides in Venice, California. You can find Sima on social media:

@houseofcitrine and @simapg
House of Citrine

How did you get involved with the world of health and wellness?

The catalyst for my healthy lifestyle came from my father being sick from an auto-immune disorder and this motivated me to live a mindful lifestyle. I live a life of reading all ingredients in the food I buy, shopping at farmers markets and connecting with nature.

If someone were to ask you what you “do”, what would you say?

I am a CONNECTOR. I connect people to conscious businesses, practitioners, artisans, farmers, doctors, artists, really anyone that has a mindful out-of-the-box business that has positive influence. My background is in holistic nutrition so I often have healing recipes on my site. House of Citrine is an online journal. We highlight and feature influential businesses and people.


 What advice would you give to anyone looking to turn her passion into a career?

All we have is now. We live in a country where we can make businesses happen really quickly.  Always know the universe supports you.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Live in the present.

The women you admire and why?

I admire my mother. She has always been my role model. She took care of 4 kids even when my father was sick and has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love. As a child she showed me self-love by always reminding me to respect my mind and body.

What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

My favorite self-care ritual has got to be the infrared sauna. I own one and anytime I need a sweat and deep sleep I use it an hour before bed and I feel very relaxed. My skin looks brighter, my lymphatic system has eliminated and I just feel glowy.
Do you have any go-to foods or supplements?

Foods that I always have around are seaweed, sprouted walnuts, sprouted hummus, avocado, salt, celery juice, warming teas (ginger and ayurvedic blends)  longan berries, goji berries, and a bunch of herbs reishi, astragulus, pine pollen and chaga.

How about go-to beauty product that you use regularly?
    •    Living Libations- Best skin ever
    •    Jane Irendale- Makeup  
    •    Juniper Ridge- Sage body wash
    •    Kejiwa- Venus love rose mist
    •    2Risenaturals- CBD oil
    •    Coconut oil
    •    Rose oil

What do you draw inspiration from?

I have been getting major downloads of inspiration being in nature. I travel often to beautiful locations and I get so drawn in nature and the beauty that has been gifted to us that most of my energy and inspiration is from mother earth and her scent, sounds and energy. Nature supports me to stay grounded and focused.



Do you have any self-care and beauty rituals that support your glow, physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing?

I really enjoy making my elixirs. I like how I instantly get elevated with the herbs and ferments. I have been working on many high-vibration elixirs that are very nourishing for the mind and body and that taste absolutely delicious. They definitely support longevity and raising your consciousness.

Now days what’s your definition of beauty?

Confidence is beauty. Plain and simple, when you own your authentic self you are true beauty.

What inspires you at the moment? What’s your “theme” for the coming months? What will you be focusing on?

The next coming months will be focused on the expansion of  It has been such a fulfilling journey for me. I also have been passionate about activism and supporting causes that are effecting our country. My time and energy is going to be spent on REAL issues that need voice and body to support. Standing Rock is one that really is dear to my heart. We will not back down. Water is life.

What do you love about yourself most?

I'm outgoing and I have a voice and I’m not afraid to use it. I sometimes am a voice for those who can’t speak up.  I have a zero-tolerance policy on homophobia, racism , bigotry, and misogyny to name a few. My husband and I are huge activists for those issues that keep coming up in our country.

Sima Morrison
House of Citrine

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