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scalp+Hair Elixirs

Potent formulas to invigorate the scalp, soothe inflammation, balance sebum production, and activate the follicles to maximize hair growth. We think it’s the most effective and natural way to nourish and repair your hair from roots to ends.
These are the seven principles that inform our formulations and choice of ingredients. This is what our elixirs provide:

Energy—brings the scalp and follicles to life for hair proliferation
Antioxidants—defends and fortify the hair and scalp
Anti-inflammation—compounds that ensure healthy scalp and follicle
Sebum control—prevents and treats excessively dry or oily scalps
Microbiome nourishment—feeds the ecology of the skin
Exfoliation—removes dead and dry skin
Barrier maintenance—protects and nurtures the lipid layer of the cells
No.1. Botanical Hair Elixir (Nourishing)
No.2 Botanical Hair Elixir (Detoxifier)
No.3 Botanical Hair Elixir (Energizer)
Elixirs are potent botanical remedies that soothe the scalp, energize blood flow, balance sebum production, and stimulate the follicles to maximize hair growth and help eliminate hair loss. Your hair is subject to many influences including heat, chlorinated water, UV, sunshine, and in many cases chemicals in hair products that have harmed the scalp and follicles, resulting in hair that is less than optimal. Our elixirs are infused with oils that have both the science and history of healing the scalp and hair. They address hair thinning and non-genetic hair loss, scalp issues including dandruff, itchiness, and excessive oiliness or dryness, and are perfect for sealing damaged hair and split ends. And they are sensory delights. There are three formulas with different attributes. One will suffice. All three Elixirs are complementary and provide maximum benefit if rotated.

There are many elixirs on the market. A true elixir is completely free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. No matter what the claim or marketing lingo may say, there are no miracle synthetic chemicals that improve human hair. Not one. The human body is the miracle, and it wants the life-giving properties of the botanical world in forms that it can assimilate, absorb, and metabolize.

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