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Concentrated, clinically effective botanicals.

Our serums contain unique botanical extracts. The ingredients are backed by clinical trials, double-blind studies, and painstaking evaluation with human beings on real heads of hair. The serums and tonics work just as remarkably on your face and body.

Trigger Epidermal Renewal


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Better Than Silicone Sealer


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Swiss Formula Delays Cell Aging


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Stimulate Hair Growth


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Stimulate Hair Growth


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Hair & Skin Health Set


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3 Elixirs for a healthy scalp = Stronger hair.

We think that treating the hair at the root is the most effective and natural way to grow beautiful hair.

Feed the Follicle
Soothe Scalp Conditions
Stop Hair Thinning


Organic virgin argan oil

Organic pomegranate oil

Ylang ylang

Organic clary sage oil

Vetiver root oil

Italian red mandarin oil

Vanilla fruit extract

Hair Elixir No. 1


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Nourishes the follicles

Regulates serum production

Feeds the micro-biome of your scalp

Reduces inflammation

Address hormonal hair thinning

Scalp Detox


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This month's giveaway

Bio-hack your own gray hair

Are you 30 or maybe 40-something any want to slow down or reverse the graying process? Here are proven methods to slow down your hair's aging process.