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We Care

Since the dawn of history, women and men have used minerals and plant-based pigments to adorn their skin and hair. In the past 100 years this deeply human practice has become toxic. You could say that women and men have become crash dummies for the chemical industry.

We wanted to change that.

The environment has also become a crash dummy. Over 95% of hair dyes, three billions pounds a year, end up in aquatic environments, causing damage to marine life and polluting our rivers, bays, and the ocean. When we use toxic chemicals, they do not disappear. They go somewhere.

We wanted to change that too.

Hairprint is made of eight food grade ingredients you can pronounce. It is designed to be a better, kinder, and safer way to honor the health of women and men, and the living world around us.

We believe that when a woman wants to enhance her beauty, she should be safe. We have another belief. If you want to make a girl beautiful, support her to get an education. Twenty percent of our profits fund educational opportunities for girls and young women in developing countries.

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