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Hairprint Patch Test


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Price: $0


If you need to do a patch test before using our Color Restorer Products, we have made these complimentary patch test kits.  They are free plus the cost of shipping. Instructions are included and also below.  Limit 1 per customer, 1 per order.  

Note: We include a sample bottle and packet or two packets that are part of the main kit.  In some circumstances, you may receive a bottle or packet labeled 1 and/or 2.  These may have cosmetic defects, but the contents are guaranteed to have not been compromised in any way.  The powder may vary in color from white to a deep brown color, this is normal.

Patch Test Instructions:

Mix the bottle and packet or both packets into a large non-reactive bowl (glass or stainless steel), and stir thoroughly for 20-30 seconds.  Apply a small amount of the mixture to a small area of the arm using a q-tip, preferably somewhere inconspicuous or easy to cover as Hairprint will stain the skin.  Leave on the skin for 24 hours, then wash off.  


Though we have never had a confirmed allergic reaction to Hairprint, if at any time you experience discomfort or what you believe to be a potential reaction our food/plant based ingredients, wash the solution off immediately.

Hairprint can stain porous materials including skin, clothing, towels, fabric based shower curtains, grout, tiles, unsealed bathtubs, so take necessary precautions.

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Do I need to protect my chemically processed hair?

Yes, please use the transition method of application and apply a thick layer of our African Shea Butter to all previously processed areas of your hair.

I use natural products, do I need to deep cleanse before my Hairprint True Color Restorer application?

Yes, even natural hair care may contain ingredients that negatively impact your Hairprint Trie Color Restorer outcome. Please follow our 7 day Deep Cleanse routine and use the Chelating Shampoo leading up to your application.

I have resistant, white and/or 50% or more gray- what kit should I use?

We recommend clients with stubborn hair, any amount of white hair and those with 50% or more gray use our Hairprint True Color Restorer PLUS kit. This kit comes with one extra set of the step the re-pigments gray hair.

Can you guarantee the results and/or full coverage?

While we cannot promise absolute gray coverage we are happy to help you achieve the best possible results. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on Help Desk.

I don’t know what color kit to choose?

The best place to determine your natural hair color is at the nape of your neck. Those with natural Dark Brown and Black hair (level 1 and 2) should choose a Dark kit. Shades of medium Brown (levels 3-5) should choose a Brown kit. Those with Light Brown hair (level 6) will see best outcome with a Light Brown Hairprint True Color Restorer Kit.

I use Henna, do I have to use the Transition Method Of Application?

If you have used Body Art Quality Henna you are free to apply Hairprint True Color Restorer once the henna has completely faded. Please note- if there is any area that was previously chemically processed use the Transition Method on those lengths of your hair.

Do I have to use Hairprint hair care after the Hairprint True Color Restorer treatment?

No, but our sulfate-free gentle hair care definitely prolongs the coverage of our treatment.

I use a lot of styling products, do I have to stop before I use a Hairprint True Color Restorer kit?

It’s a really good idea to pause all of your styling products before the Color Restorer treatment. Many styling aids contain silicone, oils, waxes and other polymers that gunk up the hair and negatively impact the coverage of our treatment. For best results follow our 7 day Deep Cleanse.

I have color-treated hair, can I use Hairprint hair care?

Absolutely! Hairprint hair care is gentle and safe for use on color-treated hair.

Do you have a Hairprint True Color Restorer root application kit?

Not yet, but we hope to offer one soon.

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Yes, but what distinguishes Hairprint from so-called "clean" hair dyes?

There are two clean ways to color hair: Henna or our patented technology called Hairprint, which uses a velvet bean to recreate your natural pigment.

Otherwise, there is no such thing as a clean permanent hair dye. It doesn't matter if it is sold at a natural hair salon, at Erewhon Market or at Whole Foods. A hair dye would have to remove the following ingredients before it could be called clean. But then again, it wouldn't work.

If clean hair dye companies talk about their organic farm and how the are putting argan oil and ginseng into a clean hair dye does nothing for you and it does not make it less toxic.

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