RE-PIGMENT              Color Restorer for Men

RE-PIGMENT Color Restorer for Men

Price: $42

Price: $42


No Smell

No Burning

No Toxins

No Dyes

No Kidding.

Hair Color

Hairprint is the only product in the world that is able to re-pigment gray hair to its true and original color. Natural color match every time.

Better Hair Quality

Hair dyes look fake because they are. They contain dangerous chemicals that damage and dry the hair. Hairprint creates melanin, your hair’s natural protein, which naturally creates strength and luster.


Invented by the founder of Green Chemistry, Dr. John Warner. Tested and proven by men around the world. Lasts for months and does not wash out.

Always Natural

Hairprint mimics how hair gets its true color in the first place. The reason it looks so natural on your hair is because it is. Made of eight food-grade ingredients you can pronounce.


    Hairprint is a patented scientific breakthrough that restores gray hair to its true color. It is not a dye. It replenishes the natural pigment (eumelanin) found in brown and black hair that has turned gray. Hairprint is also a true protein treatment that will add body, strength, texture, and sheen while reducing frizz, and discoloration. Our simple, hypoallergenic, and odor-free formula produces color so natural, it defies detection. The treatment can be applied at home in about 75-90 minutes.


    1. Hairprint Color Restorer works for naturally black, brown, and light brown hair only. We do not have a formula for blonde or red hair.

    2. To determine what color to order or if you need two kits for your first application, see the Ordering Tips/Color Chart Tab below.


    Hairprint only works when it has unobstructed access to the hair. The best way to get started is to deep cleanse your hair by our using Chelating Shampoo 2 or 3 times the week before your Color Restorer application (see below).

    It will eliminate minerals, chlorine, calcification, silicone, and synthetic residues that cling to the hair and build up over time. Most haircare products and quite a few products labeled "natural" or "organic" contain quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), antimicrobials that coat the surface of your hair, as well as silicones, chemicals not dissimilar to what are used to make cars, dashboards, and tires shiny. These ingredients need to be removed and avoided to achieve best results.

    Our gentle daily use shampoos and conditioners are ideal for regular use both before and after Hairprint Color Restorer. Each formula is free of synthetic residues and suitable for both virgin and color-treated hair. They rinse away leaving healthy, soft, clean hair.



    We have three colorways to choose from. Choose the color closest to the hair at the nape of the neck. Our hair tends to become lighter with exposure to sun and chlorine so your natural color may appear slightly darker than what you see in the mirror.

    One kit will cover up to 10” of hair growth. If you have more than 60 percent gray hair, we will send you instructions to split a kit. You may have to apply twice in order to get full coverage.

    Once you have used Hairprint successfully and have long hair, you may only need to use it on your roots in subsequent applications.

    If you have previously dyed hair, and your natural hair color is dark, Hairprint will work perfectly. If you have brown or light brown dyed hair, it will darken the hair because the hair is damaged. We happily provide you here with tips for making the transition to naturally colored hair.


    Here is the list of Hairprint's food-grade ingredients:

    1. Aqua (purified and deionized water).
    2. Bicarbonate of soda is what we use at home for baking and cleaning.
    3. Mucuna pruriens extract is made from velvet beans.
    4. Sodium carbonate is made from salt and limestone.
    5. Ferrous and manganese gluconate are both food supplements used in multi-vitamins.
    6. Hydrogen peroxide is made of oxygen and water and naturally occurs in the hair follicle.*
    7. Carbomer is an inert thickener used in shampoos and pharmaceutical products.

    Pretreatment Ingredients: Aqua, decyl glucoside, sodium cocoamphoacetate, leuconostoc radish, cocos nucifera ferment, sodium chloride, hydroxypropyl guar gum, citric acid.

    *The concentrations of hydrogen peroxide we use are between 1% and 1.5%, a fraction of what one gets in drugstore peroxide. In conventional hair dyes, peroxide is used to break open the hair, and can be up to a 12-15% concentration. When Hairprint is applied to your hair, the peroxide is gone in two minutes.


Re-pigment Gray Hair Naturally

Before + After Hairprint results for men.
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