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Photo credit: Donna Hay

Aaah, the high of being on a cleanse, the success of completing what many deemed impossible, the radiant glow, the compliments from friends and family members who now view you as a superhero for undergoing 7 or 14 (maybe 21!) days of juice cleansing.

But alas, the benefits are short-lived, and the high achieved from your superhuman efforts is followed by a crash. The new clothes no longer fit, your confidence is dwindling, and you're gaining weight.

Sound familiar? Well, it need not be this way! I learned about the benefits of juice cleansing in the early ‘90s and then proceeded to make every mistake in the book when it came to cleansing safely and properly and in a way that bears lasting results.

Here are my top tips for keeping the weight-off after you finish a juice cleanse:

1. Be sure to undergo the right kind of cleanse.

This is probably the most overlooked and important principle of all! Many people unknowingly cleanse with water and maple syrup, or other high glycemic liquid (for example, from fruits, carrots, or beets) that spikes blood sugar levels. Remember that when you juice, you're are removing fiber from the fruit or vegetable so that you no longer have the buffer of digestion to slow the absorption of sugar into the body. Therefore drinking these high glycemic liquids will actually cause inflammation and ultimately bring the weight right back on after you finish the cleanse.

2. Remove toxins from the body during a cleanse.

I recommend using adjunct therapies such as infra-red saunas, colonics, coffee enemas, dry-skin brushing, and lymph massages, to name just a few.

I’ve witnessed this over and over: people think they're cleansing, when in fact all they're doing is moving toxins around the body, the way one would rearrange cans in a pantry. When you juice cleanse, you're dumping accumulated waste and environmental toxins into the bloodstream, and these need to be helped out of the body by activating all the organs of elimination. If you don’t remove these toxins, the body will quickly protect you by restoring these in fat cells to protect you from autointoxication.

3. Come off your cleanse slowly…

Actually let me restate that: Come out of a cleanse in the same way a snail crosses a bridge. The longer you take to come out of a cleanse, the greater the chance of keeping the weight off. As a rule of thumb you really want to take twice as many days to come out of the cleanse as you where on the cleanse. This will assure that you don’t hurt your highly absorbable, new, digestive system.

4. Eat as much probiotic-rich food in the days and weeks immediately following your cleanse.

This is possibly the most overlooked and fundamental principle! You want to replenish your internal flora with friendly bacteria and enhance optimal digestive health. You may not see the results right away but this is one of the most effective ways to continue radiating that pretty glow you had while on the cleanse. Optimal gut health will eradicate any overeating tendencies, stop cravings, improve skin appearance, and visibly rejuvenate you months and even years after your cleanse.

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