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What do you consider beautiful?
At Hairprint we love to draw inspiration from the environment. When looking at our natural surroundings what becomes immediately apparent is that no two things in nature are exactly alike. No two leaves in a tree, no two stones on a beach, no two petals of a flower... Nature has a way of creating infinite forms that in unison give each flower, tree, or mountain top it’s pleasing, breathtaking appearance.
What if we chose to wild ourselves?

Be less focused on comparing our bodies with those of others? Become less identified with the current trends in fashion? Stop trying to emulate the current facial-feature “must-have” i.e: straight hair, massive lips, a tiny nose (we’re in the era of treating our body parts as accessories aren’t we)?

What if we considered what makes us unique? …What makes us truly authentically “us”? Both internally and externally, and brought these qualities even more into the light? Your exquisitely disproportionate nose, hip shape, mannerism, may just be the quirk that gives you that fascinating charm that captures your lovers heart or mesmerized that stranger that you just passed by on the L line.

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