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5 Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair

5 Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair


1. Respect your micro-biome:

We have about one trillion live bacteria in our hair follicles and skin that maintain a perfectly, slightly acidic pH, and produce chemicals that keep fungi at bay. The practice of washing our skin and hair with chemical-laden soaps and shampoos is equivalent to using too many antibiotics and wiping-out this delicate eco-system that keeps us healthy, protected and beautiful. Use gentle castile soap sparingly and wash your hair with the gentlest of products alone.

2. Stay a little wild:

Who ever came-up with the idea that washing your hair every day is a good idea didn’t take into account the body’s natural operating system. In fact, when you wash your hair every day you also strip the scalp of its natural oils creating a snowball effect where extra sebum must be produced, eventually creating an oily scalp. To reverse this trend, give you scalp a month to heal. Wash two to three times per week (at most!) using a gentle surfactant or no-poo treatment, which allows your body to smoothly adjust and balance sebum production back to optimal.

3. Groom with wooden tools:

A brush with wooden bristles is ideal when it comes to hair grooming. It gently massages the scalp but more importantly the wood absorbs the oil produced at the base of the head and through brushing distributes the oils all the way to the ends, naturally moisturizing hair from scalp to ends.

Natural wooden brushes can be easily found online and at health food stores.

4. Lubricate:

Once a week condition the scalp by warming a nourishing oil like Argan or Jojoba and adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil and massaging into the scalp for five minutes. For optimal results wrap a warm towel around your head and leave the treatment on overnight, then wash and rinse as usual the next morning.

5. Scalp yoga:

When the scalp is “tight” from stress or simple gravity, circulation to the head is blocked and so is healthy hair growth. Headstands and inversion poses are ideal when done three times per week to help stimulate blood flow to the head and neck areas, strengthening the roots and nourishing the hair shaft and promoting new and healthy hair growth.

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