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Life is meant to be enjoyed and we are meant to FEEL GREAT. Gabrielle is a powerful change agent, dedicated to the art of ‘Feeling Good’, her spirit and expertise will ignite an exciting journey that leaves you (or your business) feeling transformed, up-graded and alive! 

Gabrielle has 20 years of experience in coaching people to their optimal state of well-being. Having started out as a professionally trained dancer for 25 years and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Fitness Association, she healed her own chronic health issues, depression, and addictive patterns. Gabrielle went on to help many heal from their own chronic health and emotional challenges, bringing them to a place where they not only feel amazing but are happy in their life. Her ability to help people overcome and transform their lives is derived from her ability to help people re-discover their true-self, leading them on a journey through holistic nutrition and radical self love.
Gabrielle is an Ambassador at the Body Mind Institute, with David Wolfe, and has founded the program, Prosperity of Wellbeing™. She has studied with Masters in the fields of Nutrition, Longevity, Superfoods, Herbalism, Medical Qi Gong, Psychology, NLP, Life Coaching and Landmark. She has been asked by various institutes to create nutrition programs, and has lead seminars across the United States and Canada. Gabrielle’s highly acclaimed program, The Alchemy of Self™ has changed the lives of many people. Gabrielle, considered a Celebrity in her field, has been featured as an expert on National Television with shows on E! TV and WE TV.  She also created two organic, raw, vegan, health food lines, The ONE Fudge Chocolate Bar and Sun & Moon Organics Superfood Mixes, that are sold online and in Whole Foods Markets.

As an Executive Coach, Gabrielle has also founded the comprehensive program for entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners through her 'Global Network of Eco Conscious Shoppers & Entrepreneurs', that offers a complete step-by-step guide on how to launch a healthy food and or eco green product into the market place. She is also a proud mother of twin boys living in the NY countryside with her sons and rescued kitties. In her free time Gabrielle volunteers for a non-profit rescue organization, CATS.

Gabrielle has a private practice offering her coaching 'Lifestyle Design’ and ‘Business Design’ programs via Skype, globally as well as in person for VIP Mentorships.



You are one of the original trend-setters of this health-food and wellness movement, what has changed and what have you leant in the time since you started this lifestyle?

Thank you, it’s been amazing to have been on the forefront of the movement, watch it grow and of course grow as an individual and coach. There are a couple of things I’ve learned along the way that are powerful tools in understanding what it means to feel great in our bodies as well as in our lives. First, bio-individuality is essential in understanding how to help people achieve their optimal state of wellbeing. What works for one person does not work for another, to be a great coach one has to be present to this fact and be ready to step out of personal philosophies in order to properly show up for the client. One of the greatest gifts I’ve achieved is having been able to study with true Masters in various modalities; this gave me the ability to understand nutrition as a whole, instead of just one facet of health. Body, Mind and Spirit do indeed go together, our life is made up of the many woven paths. To separate any part of that is to cease to be whole. Our health and well-being depends on all aspects of Body, Mind & Spirit.

Besides your two beautiful twin boys what is your attention going to these days?

Oh gosh, my sons are so much of my life… as a mother there is no separation of attention, everything I do is either inspired by them or for them. They have taught me so much about myself and about life. My family is my most precious point of focus. New this year I am blessed to have a wonderful man in my life who is my hero. He is my best friend, supportive in all the right ways and I’ve never been happier. I am also always into self growth, so my own personal journey is always evolving which of course reflects upon my business. My passion is helping people achieve their own personal G-spot in life. What is it all for, if not to feel amazing? I’m not saying that there will not be times in our lives of pain and discomfort, that too is an intrinsic part of life. I am speaking more to the fact that there are no rules, truly, we only have choices and I absolutely adore helping people discover their ‘why’ and their power of choice. Life is my focus and all that I love is included in that focus. Nothing is separate.

How has your business evolved and what are you most excited about this year?

Since being on the forefront my business has evolved tremendously. I started as a sous chef and executive assistant to the first gourmet raw food company on the East Coast to running my own health retreats and being the executive chef to having my own gourmet chocolate & raw foods catering business as well as simultaneously teaching across Canada & America on the benefits of holistic nutrition. Now my business has evolved into a global online platform where I get to reach many more people and help them discover their passions in both their personal life and their professional life. My business has grown beyond ‘me’, it has become about the bigger picture, I want everyone to know that happiness, feeling amazing and doing what you love is so totally possible. And it all starts with a simple choice. I am excited to share more about HOW this is actually possible in live gathers both online and in person. Now that my sons are older I have the ability to spend more time living my business passions, and that is coaching, teaching, building, etc. Let’s get her done! ;-)



Time permitting what is a ritual you like to practice (and indulge in) to feel beautiful and nourished from the inside out?

Ooo, I love this question. My favorite way to indulge in ritual is by making one of my raw chocolate superfood elixirs, taking a shower using Living Libations body oils and scrubs, then finishing with Gavee Gold skin care. I feel like an absolute Queen. Completely decadent and 100% guilt free. Yes please and thank you. I absolutely love when my life is comprised of exotic, decadent luxuries that are healthy for my body and for the planet. It turns me on at the core and I want everyone to feel pleasure in the simplest tasks that become rituals of self love.

What are the core principles you have adopted as a lifestyle that have had dramatic changes in your life?

Dedication and flexibility are core principles that have been monumental in changing my life. We have to be dedicated to our path, to our dreams, to truth. It is the only way to achieve that which truly fulfills us. Having said that, being dedicated does not mean becoming rigid, flexibility is the key.  Understanding that, in order to be dedicated to our path we must also be flexible in how ‘we think’ we can or will get there, is the secret recipe in achieving our dreams.
Are there any tonic herbs and superfoods you always keep available and use regularly?

Oh yes, I always have cacao, maca, ahswagandha, mucuna, nettles, rose petals, horsetail, and chyawanprash. I also keep foti, goji berries and rehmannia on hand frequently.

Are there any beauty foods that you swear by?

Chocolate (the raw unadulterated kind), avocados, coconut and sleep. Lots of quality sleep.

You’ve been in full mama mode these past years, what have you learnt through this experience that can help other women on this journey?

Being a mother is the biggest life changing event I think we as women will ever go through. To grow a human and then raise one, which at times feels like we are being raised by our children, self love is the biggest, loudest lesson that plays over and over again. Self love is so fundamentally important to our health and to raising healthy children. It shows up in simple ways and in complex ways… like getting enough sleep, eating properly, taking time out to be alone with self, to the complex in remembering who we are, not getting lost in motherhood and breathing life into our dreams, remembering what it is like to be a hot sexy woman lol - this is so, so important in maintaining a fabulous relationship with a spouse or lover… and of course self. It is *so* easy to forget and to become totally consumed with being a mother. Remembering who we are as our individual self, having fun, laughing, dressing up, allowing ourselves pleasure… these are the ways we not only get to be the best version of ourselves, but it is how we raise exceptional children. Remember who you are… beautiful, powerful, strong, soft, tender, sensual, a safe space for self and for the world to rest their weary heads.



Are there any myths about food that you can dispel?

Yes, eating food is simple. Eat organic, whole foods. It's truly that simple. As far as ‘what’ to eat, that comes back to bio-individuality. That may take some time to figure out, but once you do, it’s smooth sailing.

Are there any myths/misconeptions about beauty that you can dispel?

Well… this to me is more of a philosophical question. What makes you feel beautiful? Make-up, clothing, etc are just tools in helping us accentuate our beauty. True health and loving who we are as a person, that is real beauty.
What characteristics in a woman epitomize beauty for you?

When a women knows who she is and is unashamed to be herself - unedited - that is so awe inspiring and beautiful. When she is humble in her beauty but yet totally aware of who she is… it’s a powerful thing to witness. One of my most favorite things to witness is a women being kind and tender to a man. I think the world has gotten a little over-heated with the ‘feminine rising’ … nothing is more feminine then having the strength and courage in allowing a man to be his fully expressed, masculine, self. Something that raising boys has driven in pretty deeply. There is no need to fear a man or his power - when we emasculate a man - we are trying to steal his power because we ultimately feel unsafe in our own. To give a man some of our own power, for example to lift him up and allow him to be fully masculine, we in turn become the epitome of the Divine Feminine. There is nothing more beautiful then to be a strong, tender, kind, fully empowered woman. It is what all men live for… and what we as women, strive to achieve.
Do you have a beauty secret or hack you would like to share with our readers?

Yes! A cool beauty hack for puffy eyes… always have some calendula cream or oil on hand for those mornings when you wake up with puffy eyes. A little bit goes a long way. Simply rub a tiny bit of the cream or oil on your eye lids and around the bottom of your eyes, in about 15 - 20 minutes the puffiness will be gone! Super cool beauty hack.

What would you say is your superpower?

Being a woman is my super power. Learning to love my imperfections and allowing myself to be all of me, that is when the magic happens. I love to love, I love to feel good and I love being a woman. 

How can people reach you to work with you ?

I would love to be connected with you. My website is the best way to get a good idea of the coaching packages offered and you can sign up for my newsletter which will give you free access to one of my online programs, so you can feel good right away!

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I love being connected so please say hello and keep the conversation going.

Thank you Jasmine for interviewing me and for being an incredible woman and friend.

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