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• 5 fresh cayenne peppers
• 2oz castor oil
• 2oz sweet almond oil
• 2 Tbls jojoba oil
• 10 drops Vitamin E oil
• 2 biotin capsules (opened and mixed in with rest of ingredients)
• Mason Jar


• Finely chop the peppers and place in mason jar
• Pour each oil into jar and mix thoroughly
• Store in cupboard gently stirring ingredients everyday
• After 2 weeks strain the peppers through a colander

The mixture is now ready to apply.

Use a few tablespoons on your scalp and massage thoroughly for a few minutes every 3 days.

Let sit for 2 hours and wash out with a mind shampoo and conditioner.


There are various chemicals in cayenne that draw blood to the scalp. One of these is quercetin and the other is capsaicin; the famous molecule that gives red peppers that hot intense response.

When used on the hair and scalp this ingredient creates a tingling sensation creating micro-circulation and blood flow to the area, bringing nourishment to the follicles, and overtime filling-in those zones that need hair growth.

A note of advice: Use gloves and avoid the eye areas! The compounds are strong and can burn your fingers and eyes.

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