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Most people typically loose between 50 to 100 hairs a day. More than that might be considered “excessive hair loss” and can be addressed through lifestyle changes such as diet, supplementation, use of gentler, more nourishing products for your hair, and strategic treatments that we will begin to discuss in the coming months.

The possible causes for hair loss

Hairstyles: pulling the hair up too tightly into ponytails or cornrows can mean it is literally pulled-out of the scalp at times. If this happens enough times the follicle begins to weaken and can lead to more permanent hair loss.
Age related: as we grow older, wiser, more beautiful… mother nature seems to think we don’t need as much hair?! :) Well… not really. However hair naturally begins to thin out as we get older. Male and female-pattern baldness are considered to be hereditary conditions.
Hormonal changes: in puberty an excess production of testosterone can often lead to shedding of hair that can leave the hair thinned-out if not addressed properly. For women hormonal changes caused by childbirth, pregnancy, menopause or cessation of birth control pills often trigger hair loss as well.
Scalp infections: Inflammation can occur due to the over use of chemical-laden products that irritate the skin and produce weakening of the follicle and hair fall out. There are certain conditions like ringworm that can result in something called alopecia areata where patches around the head no longer grow hair. (This can be reversed).
Medical conditions: these unfortunately can often lead to unwanted hair shedding and there are various protocols we will begin to address to support regrowth.
Thyroid disorder: when this gland stops functioning optimally due to lack of nutrients or a heavy metal overload, it can also lead to hair thinning.
Medications: for arthritis, heart problems, depression, cancer, and high blood pressure… taking medications may lead to hair loss as well.
Emotional or physical shocks:  accidents, high fevers, or sudden events.
Diets: the body being all wise delivers nutrients first to vital organs and then everywhere else, and because hair is not a vital area for survival micro-nutrients get transported to the scalp very last. When we diet we often receive less of what we need in terms of nutrient density, and this can result in some form of hair shedding (often only seen 3 months after a diet). Deficiencies in iron or potassium for example can cause thinning hair. Sea kelp being rich in iodine, potassium, and iron is an ideal fix.

Why we ♥ Kelp so much!

Kelp is a common food and herbal medicine in Asian cultures. It is often administered to attend to hair and scalp conditions.
When it comes to hypothyroidism related to thinning or hair loss for example, iodine deficiency is often the cause. Kelp’s super fortifying nutrients include iron, iodine and the essential amino acid l-lycine, and these can directly affect growth. In studies where l-lysine and iron, and iodine therapy were administered it was shown that a significant decrease in hair loss follows.
Applied topically the minerals present in sea kelp will promote a healthier scalp and more resistant, stronger hair. Because of its rich B Vitamin content, Kelp will both hydrate and improve hair texture and dryness and will effectively add luster and manageability.
Whenever there is a nutrient deficiency in the body, hair is the first to go because hair is not vital to our survival. That is why yo-yo dieting can affect hair quality so much. Zinc, a mineral responsible for hundreds of processes, when deficient may cause thinning. Here again adding algae to your diet is an easy way to get this primary mineral into your body.

Getting sea kelp via your diet will result in a healthier scalp and head of hair.

Our bio-active marine kelp duo is the quintessential chemical-free, fragrance-free fortifying formula, and it is adequate for all hair types. It provides a gentle cleansing and tonic affect to the scalp. It is ideal for soothing the skin from inflammation, moisturizing and repairing your hair root to ends.

Repairs and restores. A moisturizing antioxidant rich formula. Excellent for dry scalps and nutrient deficient hair. Promotes cell health, stimulates collagen production and provides powerful antioxidant properties for skin protection. It is highly emollient and particularly useful to smooth the hair shaft, reduce frizz and increase radiance. For thin, fine to normal hair. Recommended use: Every 2-3 days as needed, but gentle enough for everyday use. Created to restore and balance the scalp over time.


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