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Sometimes some of the most soothing remedies for your hair and scalp can be found right in your backyard, right beneath our toes on an evening stroll in our neighborhood! They are called weeds and they grow wild in cities and the countryside alike.

Wild weeds often thought of as “plants to discard” are actually greens that are vibrating with rich life force and are at their peak nutritional potency. They have intrinsic wisdom for resilience and have mastered their abilities for survival.


Utilize some of these commonly available weeds to make this very 

wild shampoo for a fresh
summer DIY hair recipe


• 2 cups of soaked flaxseed

• 1 cup lambsquarter root

• 1 cup fresh pursalane

• 2 drops of rosemary essential oil

• 2 drops of geranium essential oil

• or alternatively 3 drops of Elixir No. 2


The soaked flaxseeds will make a wonderful base for your wild shampoo. Soak the seeds overnight and strain out the water.

Use this slimy water as your base.

In a blender chop and blend the lambsquarter and the pursalane until it becomes frothy. Strain the pulp and add to the flaxseed base.

Add the essential oils or Elixir to the mixture. Place in a Mason jar and refrigerate. The mixture should be slimy and sudsy. This wild shampoo will last you approximately 1 week when kept refrigerated.

• The lambsquarter is a natural source of saponins that will gently cleanse the hair.

• The pursalane moisturizes and regenerates hair growth.

• The essential oils lock in moisture, add scent and shine.


Placing these wild plants in your hair and scalp feels refreshing and invigorating.
We think this is a wonderful way to reconnect to the wildness and abundance that surrounds us.


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