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Hair is porous in structure so when warm oil is massaged into the scalp and hair shaft, it absorbs all the nutrients from the oil. This helps your hair retain its moisture, adds bounce, and gives you that beautiful and healthy shine.


Skin plays a vital role in the protection from the external environment, including oxidative stressors, Oiling your hair is the ultimate sumptuous beauty ritual. It is a custom that has been practiced for centuries in traditional cultures from around the world. Women who value ingredients derived from nature have used a weekly oiling practice to enhance their hair’s natural length and beauty.

In our modern day and age, hard water, overly harsh cleansing agents, hairstyles created with heating tools can often damage our hair. Oiling our tresses is an effective solution for improving your hair strength and length and a delectable practice that you won’t want to miss.

Here are our top 5 reasons on why we love oiling so much:


The blend of high quality Nutritive Oils chosen for oiling act as an environmental barrier that protect your hair length to ends. Not only do they deeply feed devitalized hair, but they also help to protect against damage from UV rays. In essence, they are the perfect complimentary hair sun block for a day at the beach.


The perfect balance of fatty acids…. help retain moisture and prevent dehydration of the scalp as well as the shaft itself. This helps the hair retain its moisture and gives it a beautiful and healthy bounce.


When using the lavender infused Baobab + Kalahari Seed Oil as part of a head massage you are supporting the body and mind to relieve tension from the scalp, relax the nervous system, stimulate circulation and accelerate hair growth. In India when women oil their hair they often combine it with a massage technique called Champi which activates the vital points in and around the head and face to help calm the mind and relax tense muscles.


Our hair is a porous structure and when warm oil is massaged into the scalp and hair shaft it absorbs the nutrients of the oil. So oiling gives your hair a natural shine and luster. For on the go shine use an empty spray bottle, fill half of it with Argan + Jojoba Nutritive Hair Oil and half with water, and spritz away for an added boost of shine.


Nutritive Hair Oils rejuvenate your hair after all those harsh treatments. If you’re new to the Hairprint Clean Hair Philosophy you might still be transitioning from products and treatments that have left your hair devitalized, brittle and malnourished. Then oiling your hair is a must.

This is because applying oil on your hair helps repair the damage from the treatments that have been done. These perfectly balanced oils permeate your hair strands and help restore the hair’s original moisture content. They will also help repair split ends and weakened follicles. The best way to ensure that your oiling regimen works is to apply warm oil onto your scalp, massage well, and wrap your head in a warm towel for 20 minutes or more. When rinsing be sure to only condition or use the smallest amount of shampoo in its gentlest form (we recommend Hairprint’s Marine Kelp) so as to not strip the hair from its newly acquired moisture.


For a complete hair renewal treatment combine oiling twice a week with a simultaneous application of an Elixir of your choice and massage onto the scalp wrapping a warm towel around your hair to intensify the treatment.

This protocol will help calm any irritated scalp conditions, renew skin’s balance, as well as stimulate micro-circulation to the area for faster and healthier hair growth.


 How do you use Hairprint Oils and Elixirs?


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