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The gradual but steady aging process of shrinking hair follicles – yikes! 

We all know about those 3-5 rules we cannot mess with when our hair is undergoing serious fall-out:

• Thou shall not blow-dry every day or use a curling rod or flatiron.
• Thou shall not yank my fragile locks back into super tight ponytail.
• Thou shall not leave my hair salty after swimming in the ocean.
• Etc. Etc.

However this often leaves us without much recourse to what to actually do to improve the deforestation of our main asset: Hair!

Studies indicate that women after 30 have a one-third chance to experience hair thinning. Meaning that the new hair growth is actually thinner in diameter, therefore weaker over time and more susceptible to damage.

This occurs because hormones begin to shift in our 30’s, often following pregnancy. We also have busier-than-ever lifestyles and stress factor affect our scalp. And the overuse of chemical treatments to change our hair color or texture plays havoc on our tresses over time.

Here are some tried-and-expert-tested answers if you are really struggling with hair thinning issues:


A Keratin Boost: This is a protein that adds strength to the hair, but also to nails and skin. It isn't found in any food per se, but by eating foods rich in protein you can increase the keratin production in your body.

For protein-dense foods go to diets that include meat, beans, eggs, whey or spirulina. The sulfur-rich amino acids that bond together to form strong chains of proteins can also be found in vegetables like onions, kale, asparagus and brussels sprouts.

Incorporate Supplements Into Your Diet: To help strengthen the hair follicle from inside-out include some targeted supplements but be aware that no one supplement fits all. Generally a supplement containing Biotin, B vitamins, zinc and millet seed oil would create a foundation for hair regrowth.

Activate your Follicles with a Circulation-boosting Massage: Hairprint is launching a line of targeted elixirs designed to do just this. Creating a ritual of scalp massage 3 nights per week with the addition of oils + extracts specifically designed to induce healthy blood flow and also soothe inflammation to the scalp will, in a short period of time, promote hair growth.

Exfoliate Your Scalp: Exfoliating the scalp cannot be underestimated as we now know that the condition of our scalp is actually what generates good hair quality and growth. Exfoliating (instead of shampooing) every-other wash helps shed accumulated dead skin cells (consider we lose 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells per day). Some experts also indicate that exfoliating the top layer of the scalp may also remove excess DHT (a hormone that induces hair loss). Why not give it a try?

Stop over-washing: If you think about it, any activity you put your hair through including simple washing with water (water is often chlorinated or hard) will have a stressing effect on your hair. Showering and shampooing your hair too often, or with too much product will result in dryer hair no matter how much you love the product.

If you are using products with quats or silicones you might not realize your hair is getting weak inside because there is an outer coating that makes your hair seem healthy, shiny, and strong, but from experience we can tell you that having a practice of healthy hair care will pay off tenfold overtime.

We recommend less prolonged exposure to water (especially hot water), smaller amounts of product, clean pure plant-based ingredients with no added fragrance or hidden quats exclusively. (Quats in hair care are equivalent to MSG in food. If you want to read more about Quats go here).

Consider High-Tech Devices and Procedures: Especially good for alopecia, there are certain hair-loss treatments that stimulate the metabolism and protein synthesis of the hair.

Laser Therapy is one such treatment. Low-level laser therapy (known as LLLT) and fractional lasers are considered the most advanced in-office strategies when it comes to hair-lasers. We recommend doing some thorough research and seeing if such treatments are suited for you and would not require dousing your scalp with chemicals.

The other high-tech procedure is an alternative to the "vampire facial," a skin treatment that uses your own blood to help facilitate a more youthful appearance. There's an equivalent treatment for hair loss that is said to signal skin cell activation.

Both the laser and the vampire scalp treatment are thought to help stimulate the activity of the hair follicles and promote new hair growth for people with severe alopecia or advanced hair thinning.

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