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Meet Hemalayaa

Hemalayaa has empowered thousands of women internationally with her unique blend of traditional + modern lifestyle programs, workshops and videos. She has been featured in numerous publications among them: The NY Times, Origin Magazine, Yoga Journal, LA Times, Shape, as well as on the talk shows Ellen, Lisa Oz, and The Today Show.

Hemalayaa facilitates her work globally and stars in numerous DVDs. She also hosts her own TV show “BollyBlast”, bringing fitness to a whole new level of fun.
She toured nationally as Mistress of Ceremony for the “Wanderlust Spectacular Show” 2014, and presents at many yoga+consciousness festivals.



How did you come up with Enlightened Women Lifestyle Program? What inspired you to start this?

I believe in the power of inner desires. I trust the passions that keep women awake at night. These are flames, life-producing inner fires. And I believe such flames can change a single life, a community and the world. My work is about burning away the old and celebrating the new: it is a ritual of awakening, a moment in time where you feel wholly yourself. This work is for those who want to enter a liminal space of “no return”, a space where anything becomes possible. I guide transformational experiences using yoga, dance, movement, sound, and various healing modalities. The purpose: to align your higher self with the fires burning deep within you and initiate momentum.

What piece of advice would you pass along to other young women looking to pursue their dream?

Infuse your life with self-care, and stay spiritualy self-connected despite your daily worries and heavy to-do lists

What is your definition of beauty?

Feeling alive, and in love with life. Being inspired and passionate about what I’m doing in life.

What is your most important beauty tip?

Look at yourself in the mirror and look beyond the skin, into your eyes, and say I LOVE ME EXACLY AS I AM!

What gets you out of bed in the mornings?

My puppy, HAHA. And, the excitement to be with incredible women - supporting us to be our strong, incredible selves.
What does a natural lifestyle mean to you? How do you implement that?

Bringing the paradise and fantasy life I dream of into my reality. By taking care of myself as well as my responsibilities simultaneously. Easy to do things like: taking a bath, taking a 5 min movement/dance break, taking a 10 min nap, walking in nature, hugging a tree, having a tea… etc.

What are some things you do to stay creative and inspired?

Writing poetry, going out into nature, exercise, breathing deeply, making love, drinking coffee occasionally, laughing and crying.

What lifestyle choices are you making to handle the toxic chemicals being dumped into our environment and into women's beauty products?

I just use seaweed to clean my face sometimes. I give my face a break by only using rose water at night once a week. And I drink tons of good clean water.

What steps do you take to create inner balance, connection to mystery and sacred space?

Spending time at my altar: pray, meditate, breathe. exercise regularly, dance freely, connect with bf’s, learn about the deeper mysteries by studying the Veda’s.

The most important thing you’ve have learnt thus far is…

Be honest, truthful and sincere to myself and others.

My morning routine is…

Wake, tea, meditate, puppy play time and exercise outside (1-2 hours), home, breakfast.

A typical day for me looks like…

Morning routine, then work, play, work, play, work, play…. evening walk/park/exercise with puppy...

What inspires me at the moment is…

Spending time with girl friends who are strong leaders...

Which other female leaders (or women) do you admire and why?

Elizabeth Gilbert - she is speaking her truth, authentically and sharing it with the world.



For more information about Hemalayaa:
instagram: @hemalayaa

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