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Our new blog series will focus on potent botanicals that give your hair strength, vigor and favor its healthy growth.

Neem is one of those ingredients that you want around the house for a multitude of reasons. Neem treats dandruff and lice with the same efficacy as those chemical-laden alternatives. The Sanskrit name of neem is Arishtha, which means “reliever of sickness.” In India neem is called “the village dispensary” used for beauty as well as a household disinfectant.
Touted for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties neem is a potent oil for skin and hair. For the scalp it’s rich fatty acids and rich vitamin E properties condition and heal the tiny cracks caused by inflammation or dryness. Neem is also said to boosts collagen production and as such revitalizes aging skin on face or scalp. Healthy hair requires a healthy scalp, the skin beneath our mane is as precious and delicate as the one on our face. Many of the issues that affect the skin we see on our face also affect the scalp and hair. Dry weather, poor eating habits, and harsh chemicals, all contribute to irritating the skin, clogging our pores, or even lead to psoriasis or eczema. Many of these conditions is what then cause our hair to thin out.
Neem helps to treat these concerns and cleanse the scalp for healthy hair growth. It stimulates blood flow to the skin and deep nourishes scalp and hair roots.
Another bragged benefit of neem is that it is thought to delay the hair from going gray! Used in conjunction with sesame oil, this is one of those ingredients that women in the east swear by.


Before starting using neem allergy test by applying a few drops to the skin and watch for a reaction overnight.   Use neem by adding a few drops to your regular hair wash. You can add 1 to 5 ml of neem oil to every 100 ml of shampoo if you have a dandruff or lice problem to treat. Smaller amounts are sufficient if it’s a simple boost of this ingredient you are after.

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