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Another touted ingredient for hair is sage. Found as a oil or made at home by steeping the fresh leaves in hot water and then using the water as a scalp treatment and hair rinse, sage can be an effective and healing agent that promotes shine and supports hair growth.

This wonderful common herb contains heaps of vitamins B and C, as well as magnesium, zinc, and potassium, all of which improve the growth and strength of hair. 

Sage is a known antibiotic and anti-septic, antibacterial, anti-fungal… the list goes on. Like neem this herb helps to manage dermatitis and psoriasis, it heals the skin, is anti-inflammatory, balances sebum production, and being astringent, it reduces dandruff and prevents clogged hair follicles.


For the treatment of hair loss:   For the treatment of hair loss and slowdown male baldness it is recommended to mix 3-4 drops of sage essential oil with equal amounts of rosemary and peppermint essential oils and dilute them in 1 tablespoon of castor or sesame oil. Sage contains beta-sitosterol, a 5-alpha reductase compound that has been found effective in treating hair fallout.   For shiny hair:   To add shine and luster to your head of hair make a sage tea using a handful of fresh leaves and boiling them in 1 a cup of water, let cool and then apply as a rinse after your conditioner. As mentioned, sage is also thought to defend against dandruff and can be used in this manner pre-emptively.   To stimulate your hair to growth faster:   Sage is used effectively to improve circulation to the scalp, providing more nutrition to the hair follicles and encouraging new hair growth. A weekly application of sage tea is suggested to revitalize dry and thinning hair and add thickness.   To darkens hair color:   Sage is also reported to intensify and darken hair color by using it regularly as a tea wash. Whether this method is effective or not (we haven’t tried it ourselves), it will most definitely add shine and luster to your hair and nourish the strands with nutrients the hair loves.   The antioxidants in sage make this another herb to grow or pick up at the grocery store, easy to use and experiment with on your hair.


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