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We’ve all heard about jojoba being a primary oil used for hair. Here is why:

Whereas other seed oils are made of triglycerides, jojoba is an oil made of long chain monounsaturated fats chemically very similar to human sebum. Jojoba oil is extracted from the seeds of the Jojoba tree. It’s technically not an oil at all, but more of a wax ester. As such, it is readily absorbed into the hair, does not leave a greasy residue, and if desired does not require washing after application.
The jojoba plants grow in Mexico and the southwestern parts of the USA. In the mid-40’s people discovered its properties and began adopting it as a skin and hair conditioner. Jojoba oil has some similarities with the sperm whale oil (squalene), which was at one time an active ingredient in many cosmetic products. Historically, sperm whales were hunted for their oil, which is comprised of 90% wax esters, but have since been banned and replaced mostly by jojoba oil for its similarity in composition.
Among its many benefits, jojoba oil contains a natural sunscreen that blocks harmful UV rays. And because it so closely mimics the natural oil produced by our skin, jojoba oil can be used as a natural skin conditioner on the scalp as well as the hair. It delightfully contains all the important vitamins and minerals that are required for naturally healthy skin and hair. And as with neem and sage it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is soothing and softening to the skin. The indigenous peoples of North America have used this oil to condition the hair, heal skin, and treat burns for centuries.
Most of all jojoba works wonders to prevent split ends. By adding just a few drops of this oil to the ends you can protect the hair from brittleness and breakage.


As a Hair Conditioner: For its ability to remove hair residue and provide a calming effect it can be used as a beneficial hair treatment added to any conditioner.
For Preventing Hair Breakage: By moisturizing the hair follicles and making hair strands stronger & healthier.
Apply jojoba oil after using one of our Hairprint shampoos and conditioners. Leave on for a few minutes and let saturate into the hair strands and scalp. Then rinse lightly with warm water.
Jojoba oil is appropriate for all hair types and especially for thin hair, as it won’t weigh the hair down.

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