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Stem Cell Regenerator


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Price: $55

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Our Stem Cell Serum for hair is comprised of callus stem cells from rare alpine apples, this patented Swiss formula is rich in growth and epigenetic factors that promote cell longevity. It delays hair follicle aging, extending the production of healthy fiber and vibrant color. Works equally well on face and hands.

How to Use

Apply small amount to hands or directly to the scalp with pipette and massage thoroughly and gently. No rinse out is required. Apply once or twice a day, at night or morning on clean scalp. For the face, apply after cleansing as a toner or serum.


Stem Cell Regenerator is a patented formula made of stem cells from a rare Swiss apple that is known for its resistance to aging and shriveling. Stem cells contain the entire genome of the plant; thus, it is possible to grow a new, complete plant from one cell. The beauty of this product is that a rare and endangered tree that contains vital proteins and phytonutrients not found anywhere else is sharing its biological secrets without harming the donor. The result creates an amazing stem cell serum for hair, face and hands. A patented liposomal preparation that abounds in growth and epigenetic factors. The term anti-aging is used so often, it may have lost much of its meaning. This formula is not anti-something; it is pro-cellular regeneration. The unusual groundbreaking compounds derived from the stem cells are encased in liposomes, phospholipid molecules that carry critical phytonutrients deep into cell tissue. In clinical trials, Apple Stem Cells were shown to improve the vitality of human skin cells, thus slowing the aging of the skin. Youthful might be too strong an adjective to describe the outcome. Significantly better scalp and skin do describe the results possible. In trials, Our stem cell serum increased the lifespan of isolated hair follicles, renewed dermal layers on older skin that were at the end of their life, and helped form new epidermis.

Works extraordinary well well on face and hands, excellent for treating crow’s feet and fine wrinkles.Works well with Scalp Revival and Botanical Hair Elixir #1

    (malus domestica fruit cell extract)
    (acacia senegal gum and xanthan gum)
  • Radish Root Culture
    (leuconostoc ferment)
  • Coconut Milk Culture
    (lactobacillus + cocos nucifera ferment)

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