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Hair loss can occur for different reasons. Here we’ll outline the most common causes of hair loss and how to stimulate new hair growth.

5 most common causes of hair loss:


We see male hair loss occurring with receding hairlines. Female hair loss tends to show-up as hair thinning in particular towards the crown. The traditional treatments for hair loss range from over-the-counter drugs like minoxidil to hair transplant surgery. However these have side-effects and there are natural solutions and easier ways to stimulate new hair growth: changes in lifestyle, the foods that we eat and hair products.

2. Medications, disease, and hormones

3. Nutrition

Our skin, hair, and nails are a direct reflection of the food we eat. Improper nutrition is the most easily diagnosed cause for hair loss.

3. Stress

4. Nutrition

Yo-yo dieting depletes our mineral reserves and may affect our gut lining.


Hair loss need not be permanent and by including these practices you can see new hair growth in a relatively short time.

  • Keep a food diary of your intake of foods, vitamins, or activities that might be affecting your hair health.
  • Consider taking additional whole food vitamins to boost your uptake of nutrients for a while.
  • Drink 8 oz (or more) of bone broth each day. Bone broth provides hair with vitamins, minerals and calcium to help fortify new hair growth. But what really makes bone broth so special? The short answer is collagen. It is an excellent source of bio-available protein in an easy-to-digest form.
  • Many anti-aging skincare lines add collagen to their face creams, moisturizers, and serums. What many people don’t know is that collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed via the skin, which means these creams can’t provide much in the way of results.
  • Adding bone broth to your diet can improve the overall appearance of your hair (and also your skin). Collagen simply put encourages hair to grow thicker, to grow faster, and to take on a healthy shine.





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